Visitor - Who are you?

I have been watching just now the little world map spin on the blog page (eyes right and down a bit) and right now online are all sorts on visitors:
London (city of)
Poughkeepsie, NY
Jacksonville Florida
Auburn NY
Bogue Chitto Mississippi

I get a kick out of watching to world spin, wondering who these people are that have come to visit.

Who are you? Hellllloooo!
leave a comment....

So far...

Hey, just seeing me at Master's it!

  1. Ha! so that was you in London! Such fun!

  2. Are you speaking to me? Jude


    1. To answer your question, I am an old man, Dutch, with submissive feelings. My Wife doesn't want a real D/s relationship. I try to serve Her in other ways. I am interested in D/s relationships of other people.


      1. thank you for commenting appy and welcome. It is difficult not to be able to live in a way that we want to, I am happy that you have been able to find some ways to serve your wife. I think it is always useful to understand the experiences of others in this world of TTWD, I know that reading other blogs sustained me in my journey as it still does.
        You are most welcome here and I look forward to hearing from you again.

    2. hello..little...
      I am ownedproperty_c. a online female submissive to an online Dom..
      I am from Kennewick, Washington
      and can't wait to hear all about you... 

      1. hey OP-C. thanks you for saying Hi..nice to see you hear. I visit you on occasion. A lurker on your page. 

    3. Hi! Just stopping by from Wisconsin, USA.

      1. I am a slave, owned by my husband.
      2. hi ancilla, i know your blog and lurk there quite often, thanks for saying hi!

        1. I'm not going to tell you where I'm from .... what do you think of that ? *smile

          1. ok sub need to reveal all ;)

        2. Isn't it nice you have visitors from all over the world. Just want to say hello again from Florida. I love following your adventures and should say hello more often.


          1. HI FD, old friend. long time no see, but you should know i follow everything you say!

        3. You know where I am from xxx

          1. I think I do...but you travel Mr and your pinks!

        4. I visit you on occasion, from down south. Its nice to read about your dynamic growing and changing.

         Thanks Ash- I have found your blog because you left a note.

        Now who's next?? Comment below:


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  2. Hello, I'm a submissive husband to my wonderful wife. We live in Minnesota and have been involved in a FLR for about 14 years. She loves the attention and loves to spank me and although the spankings hurt I love them and am eager to present my bottom to her. I use the nick arched one because my bottom is arched up so much for her.

    1. hello archedone
      how wonderful that you have stopped by. Welcome to the Willing slut please feel free to hang around and enjoy. :)

  3. Hello,

    Reading you from Australia.

    My partner and I have had an on and off vanilla relationship for 10 years. Every year or so she picks up and leaves, citing no reason at all. Then she comes back, hat in hand, saying that leaving was the worst decision ever... can she come back?

    This last time I suggested that she could only come back if she agreed to giving up total control, in a Master / slave sort of arrangement; I was saying it a bit tongue in cheek. Unbeknown to me she went and researched an alternate lifestyle and came back saying “I submit”.

    We’ve been formulating this new approach for about three months and are progressing well. We read your blog with interest.

    Thank you.

    Aussie Me

    1. hello Aussie Me...I wonder if you live next door ;)
      Thank you for dropping in and I do wish you well. What a lucky wife to have a husband who will be her Master.
      Please forgive me for having taken so long to reply..i have been away from this space.


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