Friday, September 30, 2016

little has been away from here

Little has been away from here. Just living life.
I have thought over the months about shutting this page. I'm still doing this in secret and nervous to be found out. I almost had to shut down just trying to get back in here. I'd forgotten the log-ons having never written anything down.

I am still submissive to Sir, though not as often as I would like for the same old reasons. His life, my life and that is not a life together.
Mentor Daddy is still here...tick!
I have had doubts over this year about whether I am in fact, a submissive girl. I still wear my ring and I tingle when he says certain things.

I got a speeding fine the other day. My first in a very long time. I was devastated that I had cost my family an unnecessary burden. I was irritated with myself that I had been so careless, so reckless.

When I told Sir about the fine He said, 'Well that was very naughty. Don't go so fast, don't speed. I have followed your car and you go too fast!'
My mouth hit the floor. He thinks I speed? 
'You think I speed?'
'Yes you do.'
I was stunned that he had never said anything. I didn't quite believe him. I thought he was making it up and I couldn't understand why he hadn't said anything before. Even through my misgivings, I felt relief  as He admonished me for being naughty. In truth, this is why I told him. I needed him to disapprove. I needed Him to take care of His girl; to tell her she was bad. Hell's bells I had said worse to myself. I was upset about my transgression, but when he said a simple, calm, 'Well that was very naughty,' as we sat eating omelette and toast on a bright sunny morning, I was overwhelmingly relieved.
'Don't speed again!'
'Yes Daddy.'

After breakfast He took His girl to the room and flogged her naughty arse.

I have been very careful to take notice of my speed  and stay under the limit ever since.
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  1. I can't tell you how happy I am to see you posting here. What is wrong with driving fast? :D

  2. Welcome back :)

    /Lena, Stockholm

  3. Hope you are well.

    If ever you come back, I am at xx

  4. Hello there, I am waitting for your next post Lady !!

  5. Linda,sexy,belas pernas,beijos....


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