Monday, February 15, 2016

a day with Daddy

I did get some time with Daddy last Friday.
School went back. It was the first time we've been able to get together for weeks, months actually. 
I was very skitchy. I needed to be controlled, overwhelmed, and I told him so. 

He was very harsh with me...very. He probably thinks not, but it hurt, it stung, I was marked.
It was what I needed, what I ached for and longed for.

I was 10 mins late. Not on purpose. That's what he used...all day. It was needed. There were tears. There was screaming. There was begging. He made me use my words. I called him a bastard for doing it, for making me use my words. That was simply more reason for punishment.

I admit I couldn't stop laughing and then crying. I am such a wimp!
I could tell He needed it too. He needed to make me cry. He wanted to hurt me. He needed to cause me pain. He is not entirely comfortable with that side of himself. He tried to deny it for a very long time. I saw it, from the very beginning I knew it was there. I liked it. I loved it when He exercised it without hesitation.

He gave me sustenance. We lunched and drank wine followed by a wonderful afternoon nap.