Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sirs pleasure

Sir Daddy took me to lunch yesterday. There is something very vanilla in some things we do. Still a girl and her Sir have to eat too..and one of my favourite thing is enjoying lovely food and wine.

I like it when He takes His girl to lunch or maybe breakfast. He chooses food for me to eat and wine to drink. He always asks what I would like but His girl never answers. The naughty little brat makes Him decide what she will eat. It's got to be tough being relied on to make all the choices, but we are not 24/7 and I make enough choices when He is not there. I love it when He is there to take the burden away from me and decide on salad or pizza or fish. I like seeing Him away from the room for this very reason, to make those everyday choices for His girl.

He takes me on His motorbike, He takes me in His big car. There's no 50 shades slick helicopters and limo's about this vehicle. It's man size for a man size man.  I like to crawl up into His car and onto His bike. Every thing in His world is big, powerful and sure of itself. That's very alluring to me.

There is 1200cc wrapped in His BMW bike. (My first car had 1200cc!). The bike is so tall that I need a gutter or a step or any nearby rock to climb on board. He takes me around the country side and He is careful when He rides with His girl. I trust Him when I am on the back of that bike. He has ridden all His life. He has raced and toured. He likes to do unspeakable things with His girl on these journeys. He plays with her in the quiet bush that He finds on occasion and then returns her a little flustered and satisfied with a breathless air about her and the cobwebs blown away.

The warm weather is coming...the girl will be back on the bike soon.

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