Wednesday, May 6, 2015

sluts back

She's back from a time with her Sir.
There was sun, wine, good food and play. Oh my, lots and lots of play.

I was so excited to meet Him.
We met on a hill, on a country road. He claimed His girl with His touch and a sharp hard spanking to each cheeky bottom. Instantly I became aroused. If I had not been before, I certainly was now.

I followed Him to the house He had rented for the weekend and we decanted our gear into the palace of play. He lit a fire to keep His girl warm into the naked evening and we ate cheese and bread to sustain us into the night.

... a little bit later...

He opened His 'busy bag' and began to pull things from it with great ceremony. The whips and floggers, the girls restraints, red leather cuffs and Her collar and chains that rattled that sweet clanking song as their silver shimmered. There were spreader bars, clamps and a silver metal Wartenberg pinwheel extracted from the bag.

When He finished He turned to face His girl and began to pull her from her clothes. He loves to undress His girl, to find hidden surprises underneath before making her completely bare and naked in front of Him. She would remain this way for the rest of the weekend apart from the couple of times He allowed her to dress to go out in public, albeit without panties.

His hands ran over her every inch, just like the very first time a few years back when she stood naked for Him in the room.

Let the games begin...

by little

Saturday, May 2, 2015

His care

and when He is done....

Photographer unknown via black Sapiosexual tumblr

Friday, May 1, 2015

And we are away...

What does a happy girl look like. 
As you read this I am on my way. 
A drive to the country to be where He wants me to be.
To be where I need to be.

Happy girl doing a happy dance.

Via black sapiosexual tumblr, photographer unknown