Wednesday, April 15, 2015

a line in the sand

I have to say I was so sick in the tummy as I drove home. I was dreading being here and I thought, how the bloody hell did I get to this point in my life.

Trapped. So bloody trapped. 

I was sad for me in my relationship because it's gone and I find that sad. I am aware that I am sooky at the moment and I can feel myself leaning on you. I have never been in this position before and it seems so cliché.. 
I loved today. I needed today ...with you. You have a knack of making a break in transmission for me. You seem to draw a line in the sand and flick a switch for me. You shake me out of my funk. By the time I got home. I felt much better. I managed not to walk in in tears. And I wasn't questioned. I didn't look for an attitude. I just came in and got on with it...without resentment. 

Thank you for taking me out today. 
I am looking forward to our time away more than you know. In fact I can't see past it. Leave me there, keep me chained, restrained and trained. Come and visit when you need the use of your girl. 
I want to be chained, I want to be bathed, I want to be used, to be fed, to be displayed for Sirs pleasure.

via Harley Davidson Hero Gallery, Lifestyle portraits images beyond words (photographer unknown)


  1. Beautiful!!

    Isn't it amazing the places they take us too? How they give us that escape? The clarity it brings. The after effect of being able to handle all the shit thrown on us?

    I hope whatever is going on you find the strength to get through it.

  2. Thinking of you and here. You know you can contact me xxx

    1. thank u Joolz, yes I know where you are and that you would understand the lived experience. X


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