Friday, March 6, 2015

what's my scene - curious march

A second question from tori

What is your favourite scene so far, yes you can choose only one lol 

I have to tell you tori this is hard. I have never thought in terms of scenes but just activities that happen when we meet. 

Most of my favourites are bits and pieces joined together in long corridors of sensory overload. When he claims my submission through the use of force, I am in heaven. I know, I know, as a good lil girl sub I am supposed to freely give my submission to Him, blah, blah, blah. It's never really a case of resistance, its more a case of being overwhelmed to a breaking point and in that breaking point my submission emerges.

My favourite times are when His power overwhelms me. He brings me to tears when He makes me come so hard I skirt around the edge of consciousness. Then I quieten and I am still, so quiet, He can do anything to me. At these times He caresses my face, breasts, arms, legs, bottom. He whispers into me holding my face to His hands and tells me He 'loves me like this'.

There are those times when the journey through the day includes one sensory stimulus after another. I enjoy this most when His methods bring me immediately to my submission. The black shiny ball-gag makes me bow my head. I am aware of a humiliation with this prop. I cannot look Him in the eye. He never leaves this on for long but I crave it, this black ball fastened with leather at the back of my neck. In concert with this He ties my wrists with rope and suspends His girl from the silver chain that runs across the ceiling. He employs the soft flogger with inch wide leather tendrils to warm and then sting my breasts, thumping harder into my whole body as I twist and twirl in response to the sting. In this position He claims my arse for His pleasure. Leaving His girl hanging, a wet, dirty, filthy slut who's only purpose is for His bidding. He removes the gag while he looks into my eyes and as drool escapes my lips He slaps my face, once, twice, sometime thrice. He plunges His huge fingers between my thighs and deep inside me. Covered with my slut juice, He pulls His fingers away and thrusts them into my mouth. I suck and clean Him of my own taste. Pulling His fingers from my happy slut mouth, His lips and tongue plunge into mine. I am entirely His tied, suspended, dirty, filthy li'l slut-whore in those moments, gagging in need for all He takes from His girl.

willing slut for His pleasure


  1. OH MY GOD .... that was hot! Thank you for such an awesome answer to a fabulous question. Mmmm. You mentioned having your arms above you and secured to the ceiling. Oh yessss!

    1. I am a very lucky girl. I know I am. To have found someone who is on the same wave-length as far as activities of merit go. We are in sync I think in that way...though I am still not convinced about the nipple Hate them when they are on, love them when they are off :)

  2. Oh yes, this was great, i love suspension, its the sense of vunerability i think that does it for me, that they have access to everything, being completely at their mercy...just lol



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