Sunday, March 22, 2015

tasting my nature

Clive has been playing with his sexuality. I thought I'd try too. The survey is here.

My results:
Sex drive  11/13
Same-sex attraction: 9/13
Opposite-Sex attraction: 13/13

I think the results are in. It's about flexibility for me, hetero-flex, and homo-flex (new you like?)
Actually its hasn't told me anything that I don't already know and have known for a lifetime.

I think if I die without exploring my bi-curious nature, this will be one of my greatest regrets. I am far too shy to be assertive about this though.


  1. You beat me on sex drive Little - I can't believe that, you must be very very naughty! Good luck on the exploration I am sure you won't have to be too assertive though, ladies will be queuing up when they know it is on your bucket list :)

    1. Should I advertise Clive? :)

    2. Free ads? lol, perhaps not - you might end up with a string of guys posing as ladies (I would be first at your door :))


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