Thursday, March 26, 2015

task: bare breasted drive

From across the ocean I received a task:
On my way home, it's early evening and the weather has become cold. Summer is over and Autumn is here.

I turned off the main road toward home, I was terrified and nervous about what I had to do. I pulled  my jumper and shirt up exposing the black lace bra I had been tasked to wear today. Pulling it upward the girls were released. 

The speed limit slowed. The car came to the train crossing. The gates were down, the bells were clanging and red lights flashing. The train was at the station...people getting off..shit!! Evening commuters began to pour across the road. Of 2 score people or more, half  crossed the road hurrying around my car. Anyone could have simply cast their gaze toward the interior of my car to admire my embarrassment. It was broad daylight. I lowered my arms and tried to cover my embarrassment. An interminable degree of time passed before the gates lifted and I was able to drive away. Eager to escape the scene, I almost took off while the crossing lights and bells were still clattering. I stopped myself.

I drove further on, breathless, questioning myself. This was no fun, but had to do it. I know Mentor Sir probably wanted me to love it (or maybe not), but I hated it. My nipples were hard and sore. I reached the end of a very long road and I could do it no longer. I couldn't drive properly. I pulled everything back down. And drove home happy that it was over.

I reported this all back to The Two; Local Dom and Distant Dom. Local Daddy Sir wrote:
Now I want you to take a bex and a little rest, calm yourself please and reflect on what a very naught girl you have been, so naughty in fact that I am thinking about coming to  reprimanding you personally.
Be a darling for Daddy and masturbate for me tonight. One has to keep his little creature busy. I would like you to cum 2 times please, I feel that  one time will never make you tired enough,we both know this, so be a darling and please your Daddy.
Tomorrow you will wear something frilly please and I do like your follow me fuck me shoes. I love them so much I am thinking that is what you shall wear.
Daddy is only trying to look after his little girls interests. He has this in mind always as you are aware Daddy knows best, he knows exactly what his girl needs.
Yes Daddy Sir...

a little rest, reflect on your naughtiness and fiddle yourself to sleep for Daddy


  1. Bolder and bolder each day ............... What will tomorrow bring?

  2. Well done you....i couldnt have done that...well i suppose if i had to i would...but i would be in tears lol

    im so keeping him away from reading this!


  3. Wow! I'm in awe of you. This is not something i could do.


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