Thursday, March 5, 2015

rehabilitation of the girl

A text arrived.

"How is my beautiful girl going today?
I know you are wearing panties today.
I want you to take them off for Daddy right now."

I took a sharp breath. I hadn't worn a skirt that was amenable to a bare bum at work and I had a meeting in the afternoon. I was nervous scared and  little nauseous. I hadn't been bare arsed for a very long time. I had been through a time where I needed my panties. My confidence had slid from my person in recent months. It had been a hard time and I had taken to wearing my panties when I was not with Sir. He had allowed this. He's a softy really..(I'm going to get into so much trouble for saying that out loud).

"Yes Sir" I replied straight away as I rose from my desk to make my way to the bathroom.

"Good girl", the text came back.

In the cubicle I lifted my skirt, pointed the camera phone at the green lace traversing my buttocks and click! I forwarded the picture with the caption 'before', just so he knew what he was missing :). I slid the panties from my arse and click!, 'after' I wrote under the picture of my round bottom. I stuffed the folded knickers into my right hip skirt pocket and exited the cubicle surrounded by a hope that I wouldn't trip and end up..well...end-up and over-exposed!

The rest of the afternoon was locked in earnest exchanges of  D/s text begging. Panties on for my meeting? Panties off for the journey back to the office and on again for the journey home. His little brat came out to play, pushing and poking at His authority with a little bit of pouting.

"Suck it up princess, Daddy is reclaiming His girl."

As nauseous as it made me, as jittery as my nerves became at the possibility I would be found out. I felt His grip tightening again.

I am instructed to be at the room on Friday, with all my toys and hurty metal bits given to me by Him, kept safely in a Chinese satin draw string purse. Today was the beginning of winding His girl up like a little toy doll. Tightening the coiled winding mechanism until he reclaims His brat-girl and rehabilitates her wayward submissive soul.

photographer unknown


  1. Yay little, you are back :)

    1. I think I might be Julie...I think I might be

  2. I hope you've never made the mistake of sending a text to the wrong person in your contacts.

    1. DtBHC Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. I think you are right, I need to be very careful, my phone has a way of sending texts to people would be a very awkward situation for anyone else in my library of addresses to receive that particular text.

  3. I am due to be at the room in just over two hours, its torture waiting for everyone to leave so I can prepare for Him and make my way to the room. ;)


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