Saturday, March 7, 2015

rehabilitating the girl - back to basics

I arrived to the room on time.
He was waiting.

"You look just beautiful."

" Thank you Sir."

I stood, hands behind my back as He had taught me. My filmy dress clung to my ample breasts and flowed over my naked buttocks to just above the knee. His hands traced the contours and curves of my body. Lifting my dress over my head, He unwrapped His girl readying her for use.

"We are going to go back to basics."

I looked into his eyes searching for His meaning.

"Bend over." He said gruffly as he push His girl's head down. My hands shot out from their resting place to the couch in front and steadied my downward trajectory.

His hand fell hard on His girl's bottom in staccato succession. Cheek to cheek, side to side.
Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!...and on. The girl squealed and wriggled. The stings kept coming, her squeals grew louder. She began to whimper. He walked from side to side of His girl, positioning himself to strike her buttocks. Her breasts hung heavy and free in this position and an advantage of His shark-like cruise around His girl was his unimpeded view of their movement as he struck her arse, like some over-sized executive desk toy made popular in the generation of excess of the 1980's.

"We are going back to basics. Spell it."

Before she could think His hand struck her hard. Her eyes watered as she called out the first letter.
"B" she faltered,
"S" the tears welled.
Thwack!! The blows got harder.
"I" she squealed her cheeks wet with tears.
"C" she sobbed.
"S" she screamed.

Finally, he smoothed her hot stinging bottom with His soothing touch. She was grateful to Sir for the relief. He didn't instruct her to stand, to raise her head. Instead he moved to the other side of the room. She saw him remove the black leather crop from where it hung on its hook and slowly, deliberately moved back across the room to her.  In that moment her skin trembled and she began to hate the basics. By the end of the day she would belong once again to Him. She knew it. The journey way going to be a tough one though.

waiting for Sir. Photographer unknown.


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    1. Oh, if you didn't see, I wrote another post.

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    1. thanks Sassy, i did enjoy the day. I am trying to get it all down and its a bit hard because it escalated from here and became overwhelming...onward though, try I must


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