Tuesday, March 10, 2015

rehabilitating the girl (back to basics) - the girl unravelled

In the previous episode our heroine was suspended by wrists tied above her head. Her legs were bound open at the ankles with a spreader bar and ropes to outlying chains. Clover clamps joined her nipples and more of the same hung weighted from her puffy pussy lips. She was gagged with a black ball and her little arsehole had been opened, stretched and plugged with cold metal. Her buttocks had been reddened by his right hand, the sting had not left her bottom as He stood admiring His girl's predicament, the flogger falling from His fist.

He slowly began to flog her breasts admiring the swing and wobble of their heaviness with each strike. The intensity of the strikes built rapidly to a point where the sting together with the bite of nipple clamps elicited squeals and whimpers from His girl. She was grateful as he drove the flogger to other parts of the body He owned; thighs, abdomen, back and bottom. She screamed as He landed the flogger on her hot engorged cunt. The the pain of the clamps on her fat pussy lips had subsided until now when He pummeled them with the leather.

The assault grew at a relentless pace. She wasn't able to think. She couldn't find that space in her head that she kept to escape from the pain. There was too much happening all at once. Her breasts bounced and swung in response to the floggers blows, each time the clovers bit and twisted harder into her nipples. He exchanged the flogger, soft for hard and continued whipping her gentle flesh. She gave-in to screams. She had tried to protect her bottom from the sting only once.

"Don't pull away from me!" He said deliberately in her ear.

 "Stick you arse out now!"

She whimpered as she thrust her bottom toward Him to receive the leather.

She no longer had control over the drool that had built behind the gag and it flowed from her mouth. Her thoughts spun around her in no coherent order. Her body reacted like a bitch on heat but her eyes welled with tears and she whimpered, responding to the painful assault. She had no method to shout to Him to stop. No way to communicate through the whipping of her flesh. He elicited with each successive beat of the leather, her screams and tears.

When the blows subsided, her sobbing did not. She was a mess. He removed the nipple clamps right and then left. Each removal accompanied by her scream was melody to His ears. He had always denied His sadistic nature to her, but she knew it to exist and in this moment she was the evidence of it if He cared to look.

Tied, drooling, tears, eased at once as she felt the pleasure and relief of the magic wand on her cunt. He brought her quickly to orgasm despite the stinging pain in her body. She came hard and a new torture began. He wouldn't allow her to stop coming. She was immobile while He made her come. Wave after wave until the waves became joined in one continuous flood. There was no relief, no refractory period before the explosion again. He directed a tsunami to move through her, destroying her where she hung. There was no escape to higher ground. She was caught in the flood that flowed from between her legs, squirting over herself and Him. She had no strength or control over her musculature to stop it, so overwhelmed was she by His will. A slut mess in the complete loss of her own control.

He employed the flogger once more. Her skin striped with red tendrils, like a jelly fish had wrapped itself around every part of her in its sting. As with a jellyfish sting vinegar would not sooth these marks. She was to endure the pain as He saw fit. She sobbed and squealed with each stroke. She had lost the ability to endure it. She was completely at His mercy and all that remained was for her to wait in whatever state she found herself, until the He ended it.

Finally the blows slowed and came to a halt. One at a time he began to remove the clamps on her labia. The pain of their grasp that had disappeared with time returned ten fold. She screamed and sobbed as He removed each one. He removed the gag from her mascara smudged face, her drool soaked jaw and chin glistening. She didn't say her words as she howled. She didn't say anything through her tears as her released her ankles and finally her wrists. She collapsed into him. He sat and received His girl. Her arms encircled His shoulders burying herself into His neck.

"Shhh' He whispered gently into her ear.
''Daddy won't let anything happen to you. He will always look after you."

He cooed in her ear stroking her hair and wiping her tears until her sobs subsided to whimpers and her breath quietened. He had taken her to the edge of her endurance and pushed her over it. He had held her all the while and had not pushed her out in the cold on her own. He was with her as she fell into the abyss, as she touched the void. He had held her hand and brought her back safely to Him.

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  1. Hugs little, it sounds like you needed that. I am so glad that you are rediscovering your needs and that your Sir is there for you xxxx


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