Friday, March 20, 2015

panties off Daddy

Today I was on the phone to Him and I was laughing, making jokes. He told me to stop. I was being bratty but having far too much fun. 

"Have you got panties on?"

I answered in the affirmative, suddenly quietened.

"Would you be a sweetie and take them off for me please..."

"NOW!" I replied.

I was at work, in the meeting room and had to slip my panties off!

"Now." He replied quietly.

"This is inappropriate Sir, I am at work. What if someone comes?"  I said my voice with a hint of panic and excitement mixed in fear. 

"Well you had better be quick." 

I slid the black lace and silver thread from my arse. One hand on phone, one hand on arse.
"Now put them in your pocket and get back to work. Go and achieve something."

I am still bare arsed....

photographer unknown


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