Wednesday, March 25, 2015

obeying in black lace

Be a sweetie and wear black panties and bra tomorrow for Daddy, oh and with your dress, please don't put a safety pin to hide your cleavage, it's waaaay too good to hide.
And you have a lovely night beautiful girl.
Yes Sir, Thank you. x
photographer unknown


  1. Again with the sexy post .......... and THAT picture. yummy!

    1. This is a recent thing SHiP, I am receiving an instruction each night. His pleasure. The safety pin thing is just nerve wracking...its kind of inappropriate at work to show my not inconsiderable breast sculpture..I will be tugging at my dress all day..and that's just shabby, much like a girl tugging at the hem of her dress because she wants to wear it short but hasn't got the confidence to let it ride up a little. Wear it longer then sweetie.... :)

    2. How awesome to be getting an instruction tonight about what to wear tomorrow. Going to sleep with eager anticipation is delicious. I get eager enough just standing patiently and naked, waiting for Mistress to come to me to tell me what to wear under my clothes each day. Btw, with that in mind, Mistress told me this morning that she wants it to be a plug every Tuesday. *SMILE

  2. These nightly instructions must be keeping you on a constant 'rolling boil' - a great way to keep this little girl in a permanent state of arousal :)


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