Friday, March 13, 2015


...I think to love bravely is the best and accept as much as one can bear.
- Marilyn Monroe 

Photographer unknown: via


  1. That is a wonderfully apt quote. I'm not big into rope bondage pictures, but that one ........ yummy. She is classic feminine beauty and grace. Thanks for sharing.

    1. By the way, so is that little picture you have on your profile. I've always been meaning to ask ... is that you?

    2. hmmm maybe your Mistress will pick up some rope one day soon and tie you for her pleasure, take a picture and post it! I'm sure you might change your mind.
      No the icon picture isn't me. I am too shy to declare myself publicly ;)

      x L

    3. You might be right little, it could change my mind. I've often thought about being "really" restrained and, um, used, displayed or ..... whatever she wanted to do to me that I might otherwise resist. Fun to think about.

      Thanks for the clarification of the icon picture. It is a lovely picture and very adpt for your personality, don't you think?

    4. SHiP we need to stop meeting like this :) . I am always fascinated to think that I have a personality that shows in this blog (you are not the first to comment on this) but I guess it does. I often wonder if its just the sub girl part of me that are on these pages or is it all of me ( I don't think my mum or dad would recognise the girl in here ;) )
      But all the pictures I find on the internet and use here do express the 'me' inside. The icon does too. I relate to the calmness of this picture (I am often NOT calm), I relate to the isolation of this picture (I live in a city and do not often indulge in deep waters) and I relate to the naked womanly form (happily I am a woman in this regard so am quite at ease with my curves).

      This little icon does resonate with me in that it pictures where I am most happy. Alone and entering the calmness of quiet waters (maybe this is my submission.) Oh dear I feel a Freudian moment coming on! Somebody bring the girl a cigar....make mine a big one!
      xx L


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