Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Daddy's darling two

 Could you be a darling and not have panties on tomorrow, I like the idea of you being bare all day.
Daddy xxxx

You can't imagine how breathless I became when I received this email last night as I tucked down under the covers. 

"Yes Sir" whizzed  her electronic reply....and so she was.
photographer unknown


  1. Its interesting how another persons 'oh yes' can be anothers nightmare, i detest going out with out panties on, it puts me outside my comfort zone, the times i am told to i get very umm antsy..its silly i know lol


    1. tori I sweated all day..i made sure i wore my longest dress, and didn't go out in the wind. The thrill came from the way He said it the fact that He commanded it when He knew I would be very uncomfortable about it.

      Today I was on the phone to Him and I was laughing, making jokes...He told me to stop. I was being bratty but having fr too much fun.
      "Have you got panties on?"
      I answered in the affirmative...
      "Would you be a sweetie and take them off for me, now?"
      I was at work, in the meeting room and had to slip my panties off!
      "This is inappropriate, I am at work" I said " What if someone comes?"
      "Well you had better be quick. Now put them in your pocket and get back to work. Go and achieve something."
      I am still bare arsed....:)

  2. Hmmm well, I love the idea of little going commando :) But I also like the idea of someone ordering me to put my panties on!! :)

    1. glad you liked Clive... Now...Go and put your pinks on this minute! ;)

      xx L

  3. I love being ordered to go commando! :) Very very hot. :)

  4. What a delicious email indeed. The anticipation of executing an order can be as exciting as actually executing it. Beautiful post!


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