Sunday, March 8, 2015

curious March - what a girl wants, what a girl needs

tori's final question asked,

What have you not experienced but is high up on your list of really wanting to?

This is a question that Sir asks, or has asked quite a bit over the past. I have been happy for Him to take me where he wants to. I have also been unable to articulate anything that missing because I really don't know what there is out there that is new to taste. 

There was a time when I was drawn to the lead. It both repelled me and seduced me. I never quite understood the pet thing, I still don't to a certain extent. The dog lead repelled me in my bones because it made me feel that I was being told I was a dog. Deep inside me this seemed a humiliation I could not abide. The lead lay on the bench each time I visited the room. I became aware that I wanted it. I wanted it so deeply, but I couldn't tell Him. I couldn't ask. Eventually I blurted it out to Him. Since then He has gently lead me with it. I like it most when He holds it, holds me and doesn't let it go. I have no option but to be His. He has me captured with it. 

As far as high up on my list there is probably a few...24/7, being with a woman who is also in charge but Sir is always part of the dynamic in my fantasy. I would like to be shared by Sir, to be of service in His name. I also want to be at Sir's mercy, for Him to not hold back, to push and push, to take me completely and how He needs and wants. 

two Daddies.   photographer unknown


  1. I've often wondered if I could handle two guys, with Master being in charge.

    I love how you finally opened up to what you wanted.

  2. Hs, in honesty Sir has always said He won't share. He is of the opinion that I am His for Him only and He won't go there. I could only go there under certain circumstances. There would be a big possibility with my distant Mentor Daddy. That scenario, a fantasy really as its never likely to happen, but that would involve both Dom men and one lucky lil girl :).

    1. Master has mind fucked me about sucking off another guy but I do pray He won't have me do it. I may wonder but at the end of the day I'm very leery on that kind of stuff. Guess those morals shoved down my throat as a child still play apart of it all.


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