Monday, March 16, 2015

begging Daddy

I wrote to distant Mentor Sir.
Local D told me that perhaps I needed to beg Mentor for his reconsideration ( names have been change to protect the innocent):
Local Sir D has told me that you plan to punish me with soap in my mouth. 
I beg you to reconsider.
When I said that nasty word connected with your name I was a position that was working me up into a state where my mind begins to run more freely. Where the girl lets herself go. 
Secondly...I was hardly able to direct it toward Local Sir D...a clear and present danger to my already red bottom. 
I told Local Sir D that you would want to punish me and I told him you would want to soap my mouth. Please please please Sir, is there any other way I can make amends. Soap will make me quite sick I am sure.

girl x
The answer from away across the ocean:

It will not make you sick-- My sub girl here tried the same tactic on me----and it cured her potty mouth real quick.

Tough love is needed sometimes, young lady

and I need to show you that your Daddy intends to be tough with you.

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  1. Come on Little - you love blowing bubbles :) xxx


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