Monday, March 2, 2015

a break in transmission?

I have had a completely wonderful weekend.
So long and so involved,
so up and so down,
so soft and so hard.

I have begun to live outside my husbands world. Outside his reach. Just baby steps, but I have begun. To break away from that which is smothering me. Holding me down, pulling me back. It makes it easier to like him in a way.

I have sent a request to as a direct consequence of the blogger/google censorship fiasco. I will be exploring the option of another blog, even a new title. I will be exploring the submissive diaries. I would like to somehow cart everything in here off to there, we shall see. More to follow.

It has been a tough week with Sir (Hasn't it Sir?). A hiccough in our time together, but a brave girl like me always tries to tackle things head on.

I am coming back to posting I think. Finding me.. shedding my skin, holding my vulnerable self and embracing her warmly. Being kind to me, nurturing me. Loving me. Its hard but I have resolved to begin.

photographer unknown


  1. I don't want you to leave! I've missed your posts.

    I'm so happy to read you are finding you. It's a liberating, yet scary, feeling. So proud of you.

    1. thanks Hs for the compliment. Not leaving, just exploring ditching blogger. If I leave blogger will leave my addy for all who wish to follow the willing slut. Google has left a bad taste, so I am looking at other options. Seriously the hypocrisy of this puritanical idiocy has really got me riled. Banning nipples, uptight lunacy re pictures when mainstream music videos engage in implied and explicitly sexual acts irritates me!

  2. I don't want you to leave either. You're a special kind of lady. Your confidence, intelligence and willingness to tackle things "head on" are the things that make you special ... and that is so sexy. Especially when those attributes are the tools you use to seek your own joy in submission. Niiiice!

    1. oh dear dear sub hub you are very kind.
      I have received a message to my request from fetblogger- it is a WordPress thing and I will explore it. It needs to have a good picture posting functionality or it will not do for me. It will not be private and anyone can add the blog I may or may not develop over there. The one thing I have never liked about WordPress though is the comment section is slightly more onerous. leave a name leave an email, both mandatory. I like the functionality of blogger that if you are signed in there is no issue. It may be the same over there, over the divide, over the ditch...we shall see.
      xxx thank you sub hub for your lovely words. 'I had no idea' she says in a pretty liquid honey accent as she fans herself and flutters her eyelids on a warm summers eve.


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