Monday, January 12, 2015

that's one Daddy Sir

I lay on my stomach on the white linen sheets reading about sex. Blogs from sub girls and boys and emails from Daddies. My hand wanders to my clit knowing that I was up to number four...but then I remembered that it was Monday..the week had begun again!

I rotated my clit with my fingers, my breasts hurt as they pressed hard into the bed. I could feel Daddy Sir's hands milking my breasts, hurting me in that most pleasurable of ways. I could imagine with steel like sharpness the pushing of his cock into me. 'Come for me you dirty little slut' I heard in my mind,  Him whispering in my ear.

My Daddy knows just how to get me excited.

I came so hard that I had to put my own hand across my mouth.

That's one Daddy Sir xxx

photographer unknown

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