Sunday, January 25, 2015

task report: annointing the new room

A window of opportunity presented and she rushed up the back to her new room grabbing a toy from the draw to help with promptness.

She was nervous.
She felt a little dirty,
and tasteless...

She removed every piece of clothing as tasked. She kicked her sandals off to feel the floor with her bare feet and red painted toenails and pushed herself far to the back of the room. The windows were wide and open in the new room and a warm blanket of sun kissed her toes as it fell across her nakedness. Neighbours could see any activity at a casual glance from their vantage point across the good-neighbour fencing.

She turned the dial on the pink vibrator to its most energetic position and reclined in the string chair. Her legs fell open as she applied the buzz to her sensitive button. She only had a short while before everyone in the house would return and Sir was very specific about time frames. She was grateful He had allowed her a toy. A toy, the vibrator, would allow this task completed in double quick time because she was never able to resist the explosion for very long with a toy in hand. Soon enough the electricity filled her cunt, her arse and flowed to her taught nipples. She clicked a picture, a selfie, so popular these days for everything and this was no exception. She captured the soft hot glow that came across the rounded shape of her breasts. She captured the fall of her body, the small goosebumps on her pale skin, her soft belly and mound as her mind swam in ecstasy and relaxed relief.  She captured her wanton wide apart legs fresh in desire. She thanked Him silently for His wisdom in tasking her with this assignment. She had not wanted to do it. She felt too exposed, too dirty, too sluttish.

When all was done and she lay back in the chair feeling somewhat liberated. This was not an entirely private pursuit and as she lay breathless in the chair she planned to do a little fence building between her and the neighbours. For the moment though she just pushed herself to the back of the shed, lay back in a chair and completed her task.

photographer unknown

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