Saturday, January 10, 2015

permission has been granted Sir

Mentor Daddy from across the seas set me an instruction. He doesn't do this very often, I guess because he understands I have a Sir who's rules I am committed to and instructions / rules from another would upset the balance.

He sent me  a message. 'Seek Sir's permission to come for me by rubbing yourself on something. Do not use your hands and report in detail back to me.'

A string of small emails ensued between Local Daddy Sir and His girl. Permission was eventually granted with suggestions about how this might be accomplished in the absence of Daddy Sir's leg to hump.  I must remember however, that any coming is to be taken from my granted allocation of comings for the week and I am to report to Him also about this activity.

I sent an email back to my distant mentor.
Permission has been granted Sir.
I have an allowance at the moment of five comes a week (luxury).
I begged him for some activity in that department as I felt I was withering inside with no activity. 
He has granted me this..oh happy days! And he has granted me FIVE each week!!!
He has given permission to come for you in the way requested, but it is to come out of my allowance and he wants a report also.
I find it hard to come without hands in fact, I have never been successful in this regard. D has suggested Mr Buzzy. I suggested having it on the bed and rubbing myself against it.
PS while researching for this picture, I got a little breathless and just had to use one of my five..well I am about to as soon as I press publish!  So while you read, I am touching, tickling, playing and I swear I am not far off. Such a naughty willing slut!

photographer unknown

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