Wednesday, January 14, 2015

look Daddy no hands!

Task report:

this morning
Not perfect conditions.
In bed and not alone.
In the dark, I pushed the pillow down between my legs and lay stomach down on it. My pelvis began a slow rhythmic rubbing. Waving like a hula girl, grinding against the soft firmness of the pillow. My face was planted in the bed, my hands, as instructed, palm down next to my face, no where near the action.

The pleasure grew. I could see how this might work but I wasn't alone and trying to be quiet and not leap about was difficult. The month of January is difficult to get privacy.

I could tell that of this was going to work even though traces of sweat grew on my brow. I would need more time, more energy, more motion, more bump and grind. I took Mr buzzy from the cupboard and place it on the pillow. Grinding against this hardness made it easier although incredibly uncomfortable bordering on painful. Still I could tell this was going to take the time and privacy I didn't have. I turned it on. The sweet vibrations settled into me. The pleasures moved through my bottom and my nipples hardened. I love that feeling of the skin on my nipples pulling tight as they become erect from a position of sleepily relaxed.

The pressure built through my clit as I rubbed my pelvis against the vibrating stick. My clit found it's mark and an orgasm moved through me. Daddy will be pleased I thought. He would be pleased with his lil girl..his naked slut.

I was bathed in sweat and breathless and grateful for number two of the week.
( Numbers 3 and 4 followed, albeit on my back with buzzy hard pressed into my clit )



  1. Very nice! We're all pleased! Most importantly, I'm sure Daddy was pleased too.

    1. lol I am so glad I have pleased the masses subhub.
      Forgive me for not having replied in so long. I always appreciate a bit of interaction.
      L x

  2. Sometimes it arouses me even more.. to have to masturbate so silent and secretive…
    thanks and lovely to read

    1. You are right ara..sometimes the excitement can be heightened in secret, unable to 'let it out' and let it go.

  3. Oooo.... yum! The buzz didn't wake the bed intruder?

    1. i think the Buzz might have been noticed...but i wasn't considerate.


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