Tuesday, January 13, 2015

for David

I happened across a comment on a blog I had never visited that led me to further investigate other blogs to confirm the information. There was a comment left from the naughty little monkey now over on Wordpress. She said her Dom had recently passed away. I trawled the blogs and finally found the news on Pygar's blog
David who wrote the blog DSinVegas - A View From The Top  was an online acquaintance to me and when I first entered the world of blogging as a way to write down some of my feelings about the journey on which I was embarking, David left the first comment my blog, on my first post, welcoming me to blogland (I think it was 2010). From this small comment we eventually struck up conversations and talked often way back then. He was a man who was kind to me in reaching out as I muddled my way though my first steps to finding a real time Dom. 

To all that knew him, please forgive me for not having known or acknowledged David's passing before now. I had wondered why I hadn't seen his green light in my email inbox for so long. We get so busy caught up in life that time slips by until a jolt brings us back to events that shouldn't have slipped under our radar.

David will be sadly missed here by little and in blog land.
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  1. it has been a sad and difficult time for monkey little, am sure people would forgive you for not acknowledging his passing...smiles

    hugs blossom


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