Saturday, January 3, 2015


Finishing up a lovely meal at the restaurant, the waiter asked,
"Would you like any more coffee Sir?"

Sir answered above the din of the alfresco traffic in a clear voice,
"No thank you, its getting late and I need to see to My girl in the room."

The waiter heard every word. She knew this because he laughed as he collected their plates and coffee cups. She was in the throws of swallowing the last of her cool water from the icy glass perched at her lips. The world slowed as she heard each of the words come from His lips. She couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. Sometimes she is surprised, even shocked by the things He does to expose her. He is a private man but the confidence with which He exposes His girl in public always takes her by surprise. He may as well have lifted her dress over her head and bent her over the table to expose her bare arse, she felt no less exposed at that moment.

She fought to stop the water spraying from her mouth in shock. She could not look at the waiter. It seemed an interminably long time before he had collected the spent cutlery and exited the table area.

She looked at her Sir incredulously. He raised His eyebrow and said "Come on then." He drew His full frame above her, her mouth hung open, her eyes skipped with delight.

photographer - Bruno Bozon


  1. Do we have the same Dom? Mine is very reserved. Any moment to expose me in public and He is white on rice. Funny how we both posted the same subject matter on the same day.

    Happy New Year little!

    1. happy new year Hs. I will run along now and have a look at your post.

  2. I would of love to see the expression on your face.. :)

    Wishing you a joyful new year

    1. Hello 1MV- it took me all my energy not to spill my water. I was quite breathless and I didn't know whether the waiter laughed because he knew exactly what was being said or whether he was laughing politely at Sir's 'joke' delivered quite stony faced. I tried diligently to hide my expression behind the glass. :P

  3. What naughty men we all have, can imagine mine saying the same kind of thing and can also imagine the look on your face. Bet you had fun though! :)

    Happy New Year little xxx

    1. ...more fun than a barrel of monkeys, naughty!

      Happy new year Julie


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