Sunday, January 25, 2015

visitor - who are you?

I have been watching just now the little world map spin on the blog page (eyes right and down a bit) and right now online are all sorts on visitors:
London (city of)
Poughkeepsie, NY
Jacksonville Florida
Auburn NY
Bogue Chitto Mississippi

I get a kick out of watching to world spin, wondering who these people are that have come to visit.

Who are you? Hellllloooo!
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task report: annointing the new room

A window of opportunity presented and she rushed up the back to her new room grabbing a toy from the draw to help with promptness.

She was nervous.
She felt a little dirty,
and tasteless...

She removed every piece of clothing as tasked. She kicked her sandals off to feel the floor with her bare feet and red painted toenails and pushed herself far to the back of the room. The windows were wide and open in the new room and a warm blanket of sun kissed her toes as it fell across her nakedness. Neighbours could see any activity at a casual glance from their vantage point across the good-neighbour fencing.

She turned the dial on the pink vibrator to its most energetic position and reclined in the string chair. Her legs fell open as she applied the buzz to her sensitive button. She only had a short while before everyone in the house would return and Sir was very specific about time frames. She was grateful He had allowed her a toy. A toy, the vibrator, would allow this task completed in double quick time because she was never able to resist the explosion for very long with a toy in hand. Soon enough the electricity filled her cunt, her arse and flowed to her taught nipples. She clicked a picture, a selfie, so popular these days for everything and this was no exception. She captured the soft hot glow that came across the rounded shape of her breasts. She captured the fall of her body, the small goosebumps on her pale skin, her soft belly and mound as her mind swam in ecstasy and relaxed relief.  She captured her wanton wide apart legs fresh in desire. She thanked Him silently for His wisdom in tasking her with this assignment. She had not wanted to do it. She felt too exposed, too dirty, too sluttish.

When all was done and she lay back in the chair feeling somewhat liberated. This was not an entirely private pursuit and as she lay breathless in the chair she planned to do a little fence building between her and the neighbours. For the moment though she just pushed herself to the back of the shed, lay back in a chair and completed her task.

photographer unknown

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kinky bitch hunger

Her hand slid down the back of his trousers.
He finger tips felt His bare butt.
Her blood raced, her heart pulsed.
She did what she had not done before.
She did not wait for an invitation.
She did not wait for permission.
She was naughty to the nth degree and she didn't care.
If she would be punished she would cop it sweet.
She needed Him.
She needed Him in her hungry mouth.
She reached for trouser buttons and zips.
She faced Him.
She released Him quickly and dropped in one movement to her knees open-mouthed.
He rewarded her brattishness and pushed into her.
Her hungry mouth drank in His heat, swallowing it whole.
Her eyes closed in heavenly pursuit of his smoothness, His pulsing hard firmness.
'That's enough!'
He pulled her away with a fist full of her hair.
This was her punishment.
She was to be denied Him after she had already tasted Him.
He knew her too well.
She screamed frustration with that denial, her eyes were fierce with that denial.
She loved His denial. She loved her punishment. She was after all, a very kinky bitch.

photographer unknown

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

look Daddy no hands!

Task report:

this morning
Not perfect conditions.
In bed and not alone.
In the dark, I pushed the pillow down between my legs and lay stomach down on it. My pelvis began a slow rhythmic rubbing. Waving like a hula girl, grinding against the soft firmness of the pillow. My face was planted in the bed, my hands, as instructed, palm down next to my face, no where near the action.

The pleasure grew. I could see how this might work but I wasn't alone and trying to be quiet and not leap about was difficult. The month of January is difficult to get privacy.

I could tell that of this was going to work even though traces of sweat grew on my brow. I would need more time, more energy, more motion, more bump and grind. I took Mr buzzy from the cupboard and place it on the pillow. Grinding against this hardness made it easier although incredibly uncomfortable bordering on painful. Still I could tell this was going to take the time and privacy I didn't have. I turned it on. The sweet vibrations settled into me. The pleasures moved through my bottom and my nipples hardened. I love that feeling of the skin on my nipples pulling tight as they become erect from a position of sleepily relaxed.

The pressure built through my clit as I rubbed my pelvis against the vibrating stick. My clit found it's mark and an orgasm moved through me. Daddy will be pleased I thought. He would be pleased with his lil girl..his naked slut.

I was bathed in sweat and breathless and grateful for number two of the week.
( Numbers 3 and 4 followed, albeit on my back with buzzy hard pressed into my clit )


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

for David

I happened across a comment on a blog I had never visited that led me to further investigate other blogs to confirm the information. There was a comment left from the naughty little monkey now over on Wordpress. She said her Dom had recently passed away. I trawled the blogs and finally found the news on Pygar's blog
David who wrote the blog DSinVegas - A View From The Top  was an online acquaintance to me and when I first entered the world of blogging as a way to write down some of my feelings about the journey on which I was embarking, David left the first comment my blog, on my first post, welcoming me to blogland (I think it was 2010). From this small comment we eventually struck up conversations and talked often way back then. He was a man who was kind to me in reaching out as I muddled my way though my first steps to finding a real time Dom. 

To all that knew him, please forgive me for not having known or acknowledged David's passing before now. I had wondered why I hadn't seen his green light in my email inbox for so long. We get so busy caught up in life that time slips by until a jolt brings us back to events that shouldn't have slipped under our radar.

David will be sadly missed here by little and in blog land.
Say who? Say what?
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Las Vegas, NV
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the possession mark

subhub in phoenix  started a discussion about being marked with his Mistress' mark and asked the question:

'Would you?'

Well would you? or have you been marked as their possession? Have you marked your sub/slave with your brand?

I have to admit I would love a tattoo of possession, however life's whimsies and waverings tend to follow me and I would not be able to commit to this I think. I wear jewellery instead. A ring (with an O ring attached), a necklace that says in a heart 'Slave to...' and a bunch of charms on a bracelet that represent the Ds in the dynamic. One charm in particular is my favourite. A wolf silhouette howling at an unseen moon. I feel like that is Him on my wrist with me when I wear the bracelet.

Anyone else?
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Monday, January 12, 2015

that's one Daddy Sir

I lay on my stomach on the white linen sheets reading about sex. Blogs from sub girls and boys and emails from Daddies. My hand wanders to my clit knowing that I was up to number four...but then I remembered that it was Monday..the week had begun again!

I rotated my clit with my fingers, my breasts hurt as they pressed hard into the bed. I could feel Daddy Sir's hands milking my breasts, hurting me in that most pleasurable of ways. I could imagine with steel like sharpness the pushing of his cock into me. 'Come for me you dirty little slut' I heard in my mind,  Him whispering in my ear.

My Daddy knows just how to get me excited.

I came so hard that I had to put my own hand across my mouth.

That's one Daddy Sir xxx

photographer unknown

Saturday, January 10, 2015

permission has been granted Sir

Mentor Daddy from across the seas set me an instruction. He doesn't do this very often, I guess because he understands I have a Sir who's rules I am committed to and instructions / rules from another would upset the balance.

He sent me  a message. 'Seek Sir's permission to come for me by rubbing yourself on something. Do not use your hands and report in detail back to me.'

A string of small emails ensued between Local Daddy Sir and His girl. Permission was eventually granted with suggestions about how this might be accomplished in the absence of Daddy Sir's leg to hump.  I must remember however, that any coming is to be taken from my granted allocation of comings for the week and I am to report to Him also about this activity.

I sent an email back to my distant mentor.
Permission has been granted Sir.
I have an allowance at the moment of five comes a week (luxury).
I begged him for some activity in that department as I felt I was withering inside with no activity. 
He has granted me this..oh happy days! And he has granted me FIVE each week!!!
He has given permission to come for you in the way requested, but it is to come out of my allowance and he wants a report also.
I find it hard to come without hands in fact, I have never been successful in this regard. D has suggested Mr Buzzy. I suggested having it on the bed and rubbing myself against it.
PS while researching for this picture, I got a little breathless and just had to use one of my five..well I am about to as soon as I press publish!  So while you read, I am touching, tickling, playing and I swear I am not far off. Such a naughty willing slut!

photographer unknown

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Finishing up a lovely meal at the restaurant, the waiter asked,
"Would you like any more coffee Sir?"

Sir answered above the din of the alfresco traffic in a clear voice,
"No thank you, its getting late and I need to see to My girl in the room."

The waiter heard every word. She knew this because he laughed as he collected their plates and coffee cups. She was in the throws of swallowing the last of her cool water from the icy glass perched at her lips. The world slowed as she heard each of the words come from His lips. She couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. Sometimes she is surprised, even shocked by the things He does to expose her. He is a private man but the confidence with which He exposes His girl in public always takes her by surprise. He may as well have lifted her dress over her head and bent her over the table to expose her bare arse, she felt no less exposed at that moment.

She fought to stop the water spraying from her mouth in shock. She could not look at the waiter. It seemed an interminably long time before he had collected the spent cutlery and exited the table area.

She looked at her Sir incredulously. He raised His eyebrow and said "Come on then." He drew His full frame above her, her mouth hung open, her eyes skipped with delight.

photographer - Bruno Bozon