Friday, December 12, 2014

daddy's darling

Sir called me a name.
He has called me this name a few times.
It sits strangely but warmly in me.
In fact I think I love it.
He calls me His slut, His girl, His bitch,
but when I pick up the phone and he says 'Hello darling,'
I get a little gooey.
Noone but my father has ever called me darling.
I like it... in a gooey kind of way.

Daddy's darling


  1. Lovely posy willing slut. It's the little things that we sometimes love the most.

  2. It's funny, how much how they refer to us has such an effect on us... My Dom's favorite is His slut or sassafras... But his pet name for me is the ever ridiculous "taterhead." Amazingly, I love both.



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