Saturday, November 29, 2014

tight rope

'Restrain me Daddy Sir...tight'.

He was cross with me. He told me I was naughty that He knew best. The rope had been too tight He said.

He had asked me if it was tight. 'I think this is too tight.' He said, 'I will loosen it.'
I shook my head.
Bossman's rope.
I needed it tight and the space of the sub was all around me.

This girl craved it to be tight, she liked it tight as she lay on the bed, arse up to greet the flogger as it bit into her fleshy pink pussy and bottom. As she screamed and wriggled with the pain He brought the flogger down harder.

The girl rarely gets to keep her marks because she must go home to another, but today, its only small, but oh the memories.

He sent her home with instructions not to display her wrists lest there be a ruckus.

She took this picture for Him. She knows He likes to mark her and feels sad that she can rarely give Him that.

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