Saturday, November 1, 2014

driving His girl to orgasm

From the drivers side of His big car He reached over to grasp His wet, naked pussy.
The traffic whizzed by in the bright spring heat and with His other hand he flicked the pages of the street directory.

The girl groaned as His fingers explored the softness between her legs.

He found His destination and pulling His hand away to drive again He said,

'You keep playing there My girl and I think you can come for me.'

She stretched her feet dropping her sandals to the floor. He drove the big car as she played. She was terrified...anxious not to be seen in such a public place completing such a private act. Once she started though she was unable to stop. He had given her the freedom to play, His permission to play. She took the opportunity and quickly came to climax. She whimpered and cried out as wave after wave came and went.

'Again' He demanded.

Again she complied. Breathless happy and dizzy she looked about her. Who in the cars travelling in the same river of tarmac had seen her ecstasy, her pleasure, her raw sex as she displayed it at His express desire?

Photographer unknown


  1. Oh, such a fantasy of mine. And oh so hot. Love the pic!

  2. Wonderful, I also love the pic!

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    1. my apologies to readers who may have been offended by this comment, I didn't know it was here and have now deleted it.

    2. Don't worry little. Most anons are scams, especially when a site is added. Plus, if memory serves correct you are not an American woman, so clearly it was a bot that posted.

    3. Hi Hs, I can't abide Misogyny which this comment was about. 'Trolling' in any form won't be tolerated, so watch out! be warned! delete early and often :)

    4. Hate when I don't finish my thought on the comment and think I did. That's what I get for commenting half asleep. I meant don't worry took so long (figured you'd see it soon enough), especially since anons are ............ oh, I had to change settings to not allow anon posters. I got more trolls than I did anons who generally commented but didn't want to put a name to it.

  4. HAWT! we had car sex last night after he drove to a secluded area all the while with his finger between my legs. panty-less of course. *grins*


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