Sunday, November 30, 2014

letting go

Yesterday I let myself go. I let myself live the moment.
As I was pushed, flogged, whipped, I realised that I wanted it so intensely that I didn't care anymore for the consequences. By consequences, I don't mean harm. I know, I just know there will never be harm. He is far too cautious, too careful, too sane. But yesterday I let go of the worries I harbour about going home with marks. Yesterday my need out-weighed my fear of consequences.

I was free in that moment. I was a sweaty insane mess of need and I was free. I was grateful for the treatment at His hand that I could barely endure. I was grateful for His belief in me when I said I needed His cold, strict, Steel.

Ed Freeman

Saturday, November 29, 2014

goldilocks and the Wolf

What a day with Daddy Sir (Local D).
Late breakfast in the warm air and then to the room.

She said as they sat languishing after a rather heated session,

'You can beat me hard if you want to Sir.'

Sir had been taking care with His girl. She had not been at all well and was very slow in recovering. Inching her way back to her former self and really still not there.

'I will not play hard with My girl until she is better.'

She sighed.

He pinched her nipple and slapped her breast in answer. She squeaked in pain.

School holidays were coming and she felt keenly that she needed His strict and heavy hand before she was needed elsewhere for 6 weeks. She trusted that He knew best though and was cautious about being the brat she usually was in demanding His strictness. He had made her come several times and with each the tears rolled down her face, She wasn't crying but she was emotional and the release was wonderful with each wave of ecstasy she collapsed into Him an emotional bundle of lil girl.

'Go in to the bed', He said.

She turned as her naked arse skipped away and with a glinting smile in her eye said, 'bring some restraint Daddy.' That's as far as she dared push. He liked her to push. He liked her naughty brat.  It gave Him a reason He said....

What reason? Did he need a reason she wondered. She bent willingly under Him. He could do anything He desired and she often wished for more, but His road was slow and steady and He had made some not inconsequential gains this way. She no longer feared the path. Like goldilocks, she was brave in the dark forest in the face of the Wolf.

He brought her favourite to the bed.  Rope. She loved the feel of the rope on her skin. Rope was gentle but cradled her tightly without pain and torture, but it was unyielding and firm. She lay on her back as instructed and each wrist was bound in turn. The rope wound around the wrist three times was threaded through the iron bar of the bed head and around the other wrist three times. She could roll back and front but she was not free to move in any other way.

'Roll over.'

She lay on her stomach, her naked arse on display. The force of the flogger took her by surprise. The sting was unlike she had been used to. He had not touched her with the leather for months, she had been unable to take it. Now it was like beginning again. He didn't start gently, or so it seemed. The force and the sting had her writhing and squealing. Tears weren't far behind.

'Arse up!'

'Higher and spread your legs.'

His voice was harsh. Strict. Cold. It reverberated through her as she struggled to comply. The flogger caught her moist fleshy pinkness. She screamed in pain. There was no pleasure here. She knew He would love that. The tears flowed, her breath ragged as He whipped her hard.

She needed this. She had known she needed it. She didn't know why but she did. It brought a sense of  peace to her if she could just reach the other side of it. She let go. A crying, screaming writhing mess. There was no subspace here to protect her. She had forgotten how to enter it. She couldn't even think clearly enough to make it happen. To let it come. He had never beat her with the leather in this position. Her pussy was exposed and being punished. The pain was unbearable..but she did bear it. She took it because she needed it, she wanted it and He loved it. He had been so patient and now she could give Him this.

When it was over He held her. He untied the ropes and wrapped her in his body. The Wolf had devoured His goldilocks and she knew she wasn't going back to grandma! She was a sweaty mess. 

My good girl He whispered in her ear. That made her smile.  Subspace came. She floated in His arms and never wanted to leave that place.

tight rope

'Restrain me Daddy Sir...tight'.

He was cross with me. He told me I was naughty that He knew best. The rope had been too tight He said.

He had asked me if it was tight. 'I think this is too tight.' He said, 'I will loosen it.'
I shook my head.
Bossman's rope.
I needed it tight and the space of the sub was all around me.

This girl craved it to be tight, she liked it tight as she lay on the bed, arse up to greet the flogger as it bit into her fleshy pink pussy and bottom. As she screamed and wriggled with the pain He brought the flogger down harder.

The girl rarely gets to keep her marks because she must go home to another, but today, its only small, but oh the memories.

He sent her home with instructions not to display her wrists lest there be a ruckus.

She took this picture for Him. She knows He likes to mark her and feels sad that she can rarely give Him that.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Go home,
Take your clothes off,
come with Mr buzzy.


Fay Wray and Lionel Atwill

Saturday, November 1, 2014

driving His girl to orgasm

From the drivers side of His big car He reached over to grasp His wet, naked pussy.
The traffic whizzed by in the bright spring heat and with His other hand he flicked the pages of the street directory.

The girl groaned as His fingers explored the softness between her legs.

He found His destination and pulling His hand away to drive again He said,

'You keep playing there My girl and I think you can come for me.'

She stretched her feet dropping her sandals to the floor. He drove the big car as she played. She was terrified...anxious not to be seen in such a public place completing such a private act. Once she started though she was unable to stop. He had given her the freedom to play, His permission to play. She took the opportunity and quickly came to climax. She whimpered and cried out as wave after wave came and went.

'Again' He demanded.

Again she complied. Breathless happy and dizzy she looked about her. Who in the cars travelling in the same river of tarmac had seen her ecstasy, her pleasure, her raw sex as she displayed it at His express desire?

Photographer unknown