Wednesday, October 22, 2014

submission 21- a coming of age

Daddy Mentor asked: 'Here is one of the questions from your 30 day list---answer this one for Daddy: what position makes you feel most submissive'

Hello daddy

Thank you for your question. The position that makes me feel most submissive is on my tummy, legs together and cock in my arse.  Hand on my throat or pulling my hair. His legs apart, either side of my thighs and penetrating me anally, taking His piece of arse for His pleasure.

This is my most submissive time. Complete submission. Completely giving in and giving over everything that is me to Him. Not on my knees, head bowed funnily,physical connection is the key. Taking me in this way.

Even from non Dom in early days of exploration, I was made to feel this way. Completely taken, completely controlled. Used, though not abused.


submission Daddy's way


  1. Although not anally, this is one of our favorite positions because of the amount of control I have. I control the pace, the depth and angle of penetration. And when I pull on her shoulders or hips to get that naughty deep penetration, its on... :) (That GIf is one of my favorite ones also)

    peace and love

    1. I admit, this is how I was taken the first time I was taken, though as you say not anally. being taken from behind has always bee my go to favourite and probably the most frequented for me.

  2. I would have to push the like button on this one....that is if there was one!


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