Wednesday, October 1, 2014

lost plug?

I'm in trouble again.

3 days ago Sir mentioned that I was to perhaps wear the anal plug today.
No real problem...except one.
I am working today, out at work. I am bare arsed and that's hard enough when moving into summer dresses and bare legs.

I ignored what He said about the plug. I hoped it would go away, slip His mind. Then yesterday He mentioned it again.  I begged Him to reconsider...I told Him, 'I have lost the plug, I can't find it anywhere.' *eye lids fluttering*

He laughed but wouldn't be moved, saying I would have to search for the silver metal piece until it was found. He suggested I look in my little bag of toys. The little draw string bag which carries nipple clamps, bells and a sparkly bitch collar. 

I went to work today plugless. Though I love the plug. I am terrified of it at work. I am terrified my sluttishness will be found out. Something that I can't afford at work in a position that would be affected by this

So..I am in trouble...a bratty girl in trouble again.


  1. I wear one at work, at times. Right now working up to it again. But, I wear pants and panties. I couldn't do it if had to wear a dress and pantieless

  2. this girl wears a plug to work also but has been permitted to wear trousers, this girl would be terrified if she was to wear a dress and no panties, she is always afraid of having an accident!!!! so know how you are feeling...

  3. Good luck with this one! I too wear one to work when I am told to but never have I ever had to wear it without panties and I am sure I never had a dress on. That would make me nervous.

  4. You are so brave already,

  5. I really enjoy wearing my at the office. Love it in fact. I especially love wearing one since I bought a glass plug. So much better than rubber. I could wear one almost 24/7, it's that comfortable. I've been recently asking for permission to wear it when I sleep. it really fires up the erotic dreams. I like erotic dreams.

    Love your blog!


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