Sunday, August 10, 2014

public exposure

She sat with Him in the restaurant. They had been for a ride around the country side on His motorbike. He had fed His girl on delicious morsels and sweet drinks while she warmed her cold skin by the open fire.

At the end of their day,she sat at the table by His side protected from the outside world. He wanted His girl. The glint in His eye was unmistakable. She had learned not to say anything when He was like this, she knew she would come off second best. To challenge Him. To disbelieve Him. To say no to Him in a fit of frenzy, would lead to her downfall. She had learned to do as she was told without question, without challenge or He would feel Himself compelled to prove His power over her, His ownership.

'Undo your pants'.

Eyes wide, breathless in an instant, to resist, hesitate or delay would make things worse threefold.
Unzipped and unbuttoned. His hand drove into her already slick pussy taking her breath away. His hand grabbed her wet pussy flesh and mound forcing from her a squeal. He meant to make her squeal. She flushed, her eyes darting to the other patrons in the bar, the barmaid casually reaching to glasses and fussing around the end of the bar where all she had to do was look up in the girls direction and she would see what a slut this girl was.

The girl whispered in a frustrated tone,  'Oh why doesn't she move to the other end of the bar!'

His large fingers slipped into the girl's pussy. The girl thought she might wither with embarrassment. She searched the ceiling for cameras. She searched the other patrons. No one seemed to have noticed. She fumbled next to her throwing her scarf over that which she knew was so plainly on show. Her mind rocked. She wished for an end to the delicious punishment. She was torn between the panic of public exposure and the heavenly play in her pants.

Finally, He pulled His fingers from her pussy and pushed them between her lips and into her mouth. She tasted herself, her heat. She was salty. He pulled His fingers away and immediately kissed her mouth.

'Do your pants up.'

photographer unknown


  1. Very hot and very very nice :)

  2. LOL..My dilemma seems to have hit a nerve here..the same squirmy, heated, tasty nerve!


  3. So you where embarrassed, or where you turned on slut? S
    She wished for an end to the delicious punishment. Did you really want it to end, or did you wish the waitress had seen wet naked pussy?

    1. there was a mix of the mortified and excitment..i was very thankful for it to be over.


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