Thursday, August 7, 2014

naughty daddy's girl

I have been naughty.
I have denied Daddy Sir of His pleasure.
I had reasons..I didn't do it lightly.
I was tired.
It was after midnight.
I text Him for permission.
There was no answer.
I needed it, I needed to sleep.
I wanted it, I wanted to sleep.

I pulled out a little vibrator curved like a U.
I excited my clitoris, my vulva, my vagina.
A gentle buzz.
A massage in the area of mayhem.
So relaxing.
The end of the U slipped into my bottom while the other end entered my slick pussy.
So wonderful. My toes burned with the sensation released from my pussy.
My fingers danced and swirled on my clit.
My pussy clenched and wave after wave moved through me.
Breath expelled.
Muscles taught, tight and release.

She falls deep into a relaxation that bring blessed sleep.
She knows that Daddy Sir will punish her severely.
She was desperate to sleep to stop thinking.
So she was disobedient.
He was not there.
Her punishment will come.

photographer unknown


  1. oh little, a delicious description but boy what a punishment you will be receiving...smiles

    1. Yes blossom, and I'm sure it will be protracted and ongoing..til he decides that is enough!

  2. This post isn't helping me in trying not to break the same rule. Hotly wrote. lol. Have you confessed yet? I never make it long without having to confess, x_x

    1. oh Amber its never long until I tell him, until i spill the beans and come clean. I usually txt Him pretty much staight away.

      I remember long ago when I was playing online with my first Dom. I asked him ' but how will you know if I do something I ought not', He said 'because you will tell me!'. I was so very naive i wasn't clearly able to digest this concept. What! set myself up for punishment, does he think I'm crazy?!..Oh how I hve learned since then. Sir gets to hear it even almost before I've done
      x L

    2. little, oh goodness, this is so me as well! lol. And often, He already knows I did it anyway! How *do* they do that?! lol


  3. What a deliciously written description of your pleasure - I hope you enjoy your punishment as much as your misbehaviour :)

    1. Clive I am sure I will enjoy my punishment..I am a Brat at heart and love punishment as well as pleasure. My sick pup again..though I don;t much like pain I LOVE the sting of His hand.


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