Saturday, August 2, 2014

i crave the liberation of the slave girl

tori over on Pains Pleasure has just written a beautiful passage in answer to a question, what is it like to be a slave 24/7.  I began to read it to my Non Dom hub and he began to shake his head. I stopped reading it to him and said, 'Your judging...don't judge' He looked at me his thoughts turning over.

'I don't think you know you judge.' The same silent look, thoughts round and round.

He fancies himself a liberal thinker. Lately he has not been so open. I think this has more to do with his jealousy than his real discomfort with the activities of a slave.

He judges me in this same way. I am trapped with him. He has put me in a cage..not the liberating cage of a slave but in cage of guilt and judgement.

I crave the liberation of the slave girl.

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  1. A poignant concept - liberation in slavery - and I know exactly what you mean. I crave the same, although very fortunately I don't feel 'trapped' by my gorgeous wife - I love her to bits even though there isn't a dominant bone in her sexy body!

    I always love reading about your thoughts and adventures Little

  2. I envy you good relationship with your wife Clive. Sadaly mine has been marred by his jealousy. I hve learned it is a Utopian dream to be able to have a Dom with Non Doms may remember this attempt. It has indeed led to unhappiness in a lifestyle I cannot free myself from. My advice for what its worth, never tell your beautiful wife of your craving for submission to a Mistress and pink panties.

  3. I won't Little - I have come to the same conclusion - Hugs for your advice and commiseration for your hubbies jealousy xxx

  4. Wow.. Awesome blog. I fully understand what you mean by liberating. My wife and i have been married 35 years, i am very submissve, and she has no interest in dominating. Occasionaly she makes an attempt, but its more smoke than fire. She is very judgemental about my needs and desires, she will never understand, that IT completes me, and the true happiness i feel from being treated as her slave. IT would be very liberating to be accepted, Not judged. Mark


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