Friday, August 1, 2014

i am a brave scaredy-kitty

Daddy Sir has be corresponding with a woman, a sub woman, with the view to bring into our little world of TTWD.
Its early days but she sounds lovely  (in text) very early days though. Sir sent me one of her emails with His instruction attached, 'your turn'.
My response? I freaked out frankly:
"Daddy u want me to reply to her?
I can't daddy, I am far too shy.
She seems so very elegant.
I feel very slutty compared to her. I swear, I say the c word.
I don't know if I want an ongoing thing with her.
She seems much braver than me.
I don't know what to say to her.
Please don't make me Daddy xxx
I would like to know though if she is able to be a little dominant with me under your instruction.
I will try and write to her.
I will send it through you for approval but I am feeling very nervous about this."
I have a knee jerk reaction to a lot of things and it is a skill I have learned over a lot of years to remain silent while I think. I often fail in employing this skill when Sir leads me to something that makes me nervous.
Make me do it Daddy. Push me Daddy Sir.
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  1. As you may or may not know, a third is wanted by Master but not by me. I'm am looking forward to your future posts on this topic.

    I'm confident that your Daddy is right there holding your hand while you push yourself.

  2. Oh little, i so get this

    I really, really didnt want to be with another woman, and it did have to come down to my Master saying "you have no choice", i have to say although i did not enjoy actually being with another woman, i did get off on not having a choice in the matter....that make sense? i just loved the control he had over me, the whole situation.

    Would i want another woman permanently involved with us? heck no, and that is something he wouldnt push me on, because he has no interest in it and he knows i wouldnt be able to cope with it on a full time basis.

    Good luck


    1. Hs and tori thanks for your insight. Sir is not going down a path I do not want. I hve often wondered if I might be bent toward the bisexual. I certainly feel my sexuality is on a continuum which desires some women. I need the strong hand of a man, I crave the seduction of a woman. My fears lay entirely in my shyness and my insecurities entirely about myself.

  3. Phew this is all getting a (little) interesting
    Good luck

    1. I think so too Clive. Since writing this I have emailed the lady twice (aren't I brave Clive) and I am very very intrigued by her. If nothing else I wonder if we can be like minded friends. Sir said to me..'you two could be twins!' and though I don't know what she is like physically, nor she I, in text we sound like we have travelled the same sort of lifes trajectories. Yes indeed Clive its all getting a 'little' interesting.


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