Thursday, July 31, 2014

to the Owner of the room

I have been instructed to write to the Owner of the room. To beg her to leave a peice of furniture n the room for Sir's use of His girl. I was instructed to write to her on the wall and text her when it was done.

My problem? I spelled her name incorrectly. Sir has allowed her to identfy a suitable punishment for His girl. I am a little grumpy as I had confirmed the spelling of her name with Sir before I wrote it. Are you sure Sir, because it is usually spelled .... ? Yes I am sure, He assured me.

Did He set His girl up? I think He may have! Mean Daddy Sir.

photographer - His girl little


  1. :o Those tricky Dom's. U think the note looks lovely, for what it's worth. :) xx

    1. er, dang klutzy fingers.. I think, rather. lol. xxoo

    2. yes those tricky Dom's! thank you, Miss Sienna liked it too and now it seems she likes that she can guide my punishment!



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