Tuesday, July 29, 2014

take the lead Sir

Her eyes were down cast.
Naked, hands behind her back, she whispered

'The lead and the gag Sir.'

As He looked at her and considered in silence, she imagined the surprise that might be entering His mind.

She had never wanted the lead. She hated the thought of it. To her, in the very early days it was a humiliation she could not stomach. To be treated like a dog. Over a long time she found a need in her growing. About the time He removed it from the bench when she visited, she became aware that a kernel of desire had begun to shine inside her. Every time she went to the room she quietly scanned the bench for the lead. Hope faded in her that He would make her take it. Things seemed easier when He demanded she accept things. The things that made her nervous, squeamish but with that seed of excitement.

'You want the lead little girl?'

'Yes Sir... and the gag please' she said hardly above her breath.

'Well you will need your collar too. Are you sure you want the lead little girl?'

'No Sir, but I need it and the gag. It makes me feel submissive.'

'Very well.  Go to the bench and bring me what you need.'

She moved quickly across the dimly lit room and deftly picked up her collar and her gag and delivered it to Him with outstretched hands and a slight bow to her head. He fastened her collar and took her to where three leads hung on the wall instructing her to choose one. She liked the one that was short with a moderately heavy silver chain and leather handle. He oblige her in her whim.


The black ball entered her mouth. The buckle was fastened at the nape of her neck.

He wrapped the lead in His fist and pulled her to a more useful position.

photographer: Jorg Timm
 Source ftloas photo gallery

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  1. I'm happy for you L. You continue to move down the path on your own volition


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