Monday, July 7, 2014

panties punishment

I am being punished with panties. I have not worn panties for so very long and though I love the look of my arse in panties to wear them now for longer than a few minutes is uncomfortable. Sir uses this as a punishment.

I had been silly and doubted Sir, so he made me wear panties yesterday and today, red and pink respectively.

The text came through when I was out and about.

'Go and put panties on, and you can wear panties tomorrow also.'

He didn't say why, but I knew. I had been grumpy and snappy in text and email. He had said I could apologise once I had read my email and assured myself I was not being sweet. I had argued was not snappy in my email.

'I'm sorry Sir.' I said after I read it.

I went to a cafe and found the bathroom. I put on red panties which I keep in my handbag for just such an occassion and reported the task done, the panties in place and the discomfort I felt.

Summer Panties by Gizmoatwork

Summer Pantiesby Gizmoatwork


  1. You carry around panties for that moment and I carry around the plug I dislike for such reasons. Um, do you think we are seeing ourselves up for punishment?

    Hopefully, your punishment didn't last too long.

    I have a question for you. How do you handle doing tasks, etc., which push you out of either your comfort zone or pushes your mindset and the physical aftercare isn't available? Do you need it? Does it make this aspect of your dynamic tougher? Even when punished. How do you handle it all? (I'm basically struggling with all of this right now, and just wondering if you have any good coping techniques)

  2. Hi Hs, gees don't give Him any ideas re the plug! Actually I carry the panties to feel less naked, knowing that if push came to shove (a doctors appointment, hit by a truck etc) I could slip the panties on and noone would ever guess that I am a willing slut! :)

    So far I have been very lucky as far as the tasks go. Sir always says He is too soft on me! There is one task that I can't seem to manage without begging to be let off. The plug. wearing the plug out and about, to work, to the shops etc. I am terrifird of it. He knows I will do it, but so far He has let me off when I have begged Him. I know it will make me sick, fill me with fear, the fear of being found out, of having an accident and being found out. You see I work in a field where generally the worst does happen, so in my world I can think of nothing but the worst happening, Just sitting here thinking about having to wear the plug out and about , or in my home with family about, is filling me with fear and anxiety, not excitement. I love to wear it too, when I am with Him.

    He has never pushed me further than I can manage, even if it causes me anxiety (like going naked below) and He is always at the end of the text button if I need to be sooky. He is always able to talk on the phone too when I really need it. He is a little bit of a sadist, though He might disagree, but He is not a phychopath so he has oodles of emotional intellience and compassion for His lil girl.

    You are right though, its hard without the physical and I am afraid I have no advice for you other than perhaps to ask your Sir that you need his communication at those times when you are feeling most vulnerable. When you feel the most out of your comfort zone. After all thats what these Doms of ours say they are here to do. To be our haven, our support, our safe place.

    L :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. It amazes me how no matter how much we all have in common within our community, our dynamics are truly unique.

  3. Huh - some punishment!!! - that would have been a reward for some :)


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