Thursday, July 31, 2014

to the Owner of the room

I have been instructed to write to the Owner of the room. To beg her to leave a peice of furniture n the room for Sir's use of His girl. I was instructed to write to her on the wall and text her when it was done.

My problem? I spelled her name incorrectly. Sir has allowed her to identfy a suitable punishment for His girl. I am a little grumpy as I had confirmed the spelling of her name with Sir before I wrote it. Are you sure Sir, because it is usually spelled .... ? Yes I am sure, He assured me.

Did He set His girl up? I think He may have! Mean Daddy Sir.

photographer - His girl little

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another's Rules

Other girls/boys rules have always held some fascination for me. I yearn for rule that I can observe everyday. My rules can only be observed in His company and I enjoy them. I have had trouble sticking with them sometimes because of the irregularity with which His girl can see Him. When I am not with Him I am with my own family. It is hard in this situation to adhere to rules, as those of you who share my situation will know.

I followed a link to a blog which showed in my visitors and found 'Owner'. He has not written since 2012 and there seems to be no known end to Owner's blog. I followed a link to his submissive's rules. Owner's submissive is/was his wife who after some years had learned that she was submissive though her husband always knew himself to be Dom. I cannot deny his rules excited me. He categorises his submissive's rules as Submission,  Obedience, Dependence, Appearance, Respect, Discipline, Seating, Standing, Walking, Talking, Serving and Commands. The general nature of the rules allow for his submissive to know exactly how to behave at any one time in any activity in which she engages. Perfect! The only rule I think I would find difficult is the rule re serving. I am not a very good serving submissive. I am not a girl who finds pleasure in serving through cooking, cleaning etc. Maybe if I didn't work outside the home and was the main source of family income, I would be able to take more pleasure in these tasks! Sadly, right now, these tasks just serve to make me more tired!

What do you think about Owner's Rules? Are your rules specific or more general in nature? Do you follow rules well or are there barriers to obedience?

photographer unknown

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

take the lead Sir

Her eyes were down cast.
Naked, hands behind her back, she whispered

'The lead and the gag Sir.'

As He looked at her and considered in silence, she imagined the surprise that might be entering His mind.

She had never wanted the lead. She hated the thought of it. To her, in the very early days it was a humiliation she could not stomach. To be treated like a dog. Over a long time she found a need in her growing. About the time He removed it from the bench when she visited, she became aware that a kernel of desire had begun to shine inside her. Every time she went to the room she quietly scanned the bench for the lead. Hope faded in her that He would make her take it. Things seemed easier when He demanded she accept things. The things that made her nervous, squeamish but with that seed of excitement.

'You want the lead little girl?'

'Yes Sir... and the gag please' she said hardly above her breath.

'Well you will need your collar too. Are you sure you want the lead little girl?'

'No Sir, but I need it and the gag. It makes me feel submissive.'

'Very well.  Go to the bench and bring me what you need.'

She moved quickly across the dimly lit room and deftly picked up her collar and her gag and delivered it to Him with outstretched hands and a slight bow to her head. He fastened her collar and took her to where three leads hung on the wall instructing her to choose one. She liked the one that was short with a moderately heavy silver chain and leather handle. He oblige her in her whim.


The black ball entered her mouth. The buckle was fastened at the nape of her neck.

He wrapped the lead in His fist and pulled her to a more useful position.

photographer: Jorg Timm
 Source ftloas photo gallery

Monday, July 14, 2014

submissive panties

Today I am in panties, again!
Flesh lace.
BUT that's not all!!
It gives Him pleasure that I am in two the same time.
Flesh / nude lace underneath, red lace on top.
I am uncomfortable and a little irritated. His intention entirely.

Some transgression led to this, a cheeky smart mouth I am hearing!

A text arrived..You may remove one pair.

I text for permission to remove both.

Not until your smart-arsed mouth has learned to cease and desist.

Panties until friday, He will review then.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

panties study reveals all!
A new study revealed that women now own an average of thirty-four pairs of underwear. Perhaps the Fifty Shades of Grey craze explains why the number is three times what it was in 1999, when the average was just 12 pairs.
The figure has increased because of a large desire for “special occasion undies.”
According to a poll of 200 women for Dr. Beckmann (Glo White), a woman’s typical underwear drawer contains 20 everyday pairs and 14 for the “best.”
56 percent of women said that they have separate underwear collections for special occasions and for everyday comfort.
61 percent of special occasion underwear retailers admitted that the Fifty Shades craze has made them more likely to purchase “special occasion underwear.”

I have a lot of panties though I have not worn panties regularly in a very long time. I would have at least 34 pairs, many more in fact. Nothing to do with shades of grey...I just loved panties.

My main problem was highlighted when visiting the doctor for a skin cancer examination the other week. I couldn't find a thing to wear! I was to be examined, top to toe, front to back and everywhere in between for the possibility of skin cancers. I text Sir for permission to wear panties as I was going to the doctor I revealed. He sent His permission almost immediately, not letting me sweat too much. Then the real task began. To find a pair of panties which was not see through was my dilemma. Anything that was not see through in the front, had no arse in the back! I began to panic as I made mental notes to purchase a pair of reasonably 'decent' panties which I could wear to such occassions in the future.

I eventually found  pair. They were still filmy and see-through but the pattern on them was so busy and dark that I  was sure he couldn't see what lay beneath!

Monday, July 7, 2014

‘Mr Steinberg’s Model.’

These photographs capture an Alternative Model in Newcastle. Nothing is known of their purpose or the model in the photographs; they are simply referred to as ‘Mr Steinberg’s Model.’
The collection raises strong questions of an unknown Newcastle. Their dark and seductive content is suggestive of an underground and alternative scene with tones of theatrics and burlesque.
This is a collection of photographs found in the Turners Collection at Tyne & Wear Archives. Turners Photography Ltd was a commercial photographic company based at 7-15 Pink Lane, Newcastle. The collection has been sourced in contribution to Newcastle Fashion Week 2013.


panties punishment

I am being punished with panties. I have not worn panties for so very long and though I love the look of my arse in panties to wear them now for longer than a few minutes is uncomfortable. Sir uses this as a punishment.

I had been silly and doubted Sir, so he made me wear panties yesterday and today, red and pink respectively.

The text came through when I was out and about.

'Go and put panties on, and you can wear panties tomorrow also.'

He didn't say why, but I knew. I had been grumpy and snappy in text and email. He had said I could apologise once I had read my email and assured myself I was not being sweet. I had argued was not snappy in my email.

'I'm sorry Sir.' I said after I read it.

I went to a cafe and found the bathroom. I put on red panties which I keep in my handbag for just such an occassion and reported the task done, the panties in place and the discomfort I felt.

Summer Panties by Gizmoatwork

Summer Pantiesby Gizmoatwork