Friday, June 6, 2014

The submissive activity book

Maybe this is what I need? I wonder whats between the sheets..of paper.

Does a sub girl need to 'improve' her service as is suggested in the description with the aid of a book. Does not your Dominant know what is needed to improve the sub service?

Self help books for subs.

Your thoughts?

The Submissive Activity Book is your ticket to self-accountability during your journey as a submissive in the Leather and BDSM Communities. This book contains exercises and recommendations to help you improve your service with or without a power exchange relationship. If you''ve ever felt disconnected from your service because you weren''t actively serving a dominant, this book is for you. When you learn to be accountable to yourself, you''ll find serving others easier and more fulfilling. If you''re engaged in a power exchange relationship and want to improve your service, this book is the perfect tool to use in conjunction with your dominant. Together you can improve your service to meet their needs.


  1. At the very least the blurb as piqued my curiosity - perhaps I might even show Daddy ;) Would love to hear your thoughts if you do read ti ava x

  2. Personally, mixed emotions. Would the exercises help? Maybe. However, each Dom(me) is different. Different expectations, etc., that I'm not sure a generalized book will help. I feel this is something for your Dom(me) to guide you. Now, the book would be helpful to view with your Dom(me) and have Him/Her point out what would be helpful in your journey.

    Maybe you need to look deeper on why it's spun out. Let Him help you. Again, He is waiting for you to allow Him to tighten the ropes. He can't do that until He 'owns' you. It's so tough. We are in the same position. I have realized that my reality affects my submission. I can no longer keep the two separate. I don't let Him in completely, but enough that it's helped my submission.

    Email me if you ever want to chat.


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