Sunday, June 29, 2014

task of firsts

I am tasked with recalling my firsts with Sir..sheesh that will be a huge list! I have until next Sunday night to recount them with what I liked about the first or equally what I didn't like. No discussion will be entered into. I am just to 'do it'.
I have been thinking and off the top of my head the were a few but not inexhaustible list of firsts that came to mind in no particular order.
Pegs on breasts and fanny (pussy for the Americans amongst us) clipped on and pulled off at a rate of knots as I scream with an induced orgasm.
The St. Andrew's Cross -  strapped, chained, embracing the cool wooden restraint.
Orgasm control.
Mr buzzy- the Hitachi magic wand.
Letting go of my control, giving it to Sir.
Butt plugged - oh the deliciousness of anal play.
Nipples clamped - ouch! and then...yummy Daddy!
Face slappped,
Breast bondage,
Spreader bar,
Anal licking (receiving),
Breasts flogged,
Pussy flogged 
breath play,
Anal with legs closed tight.
I will think more over the week. He has given me enough time knowing there is a lot to write.
unknown photographer


  1. Oh, love your task, and I can understand why He gave it to you.

    Love the picture.

  2. I too understand why he gave this to you as a task. I wish I had a few of those firsts!

  3. Hs and NT - you are smart, I don't know why. Does he not think I know what I have experienced and what I will lose if I moved away from my submissive journey. hmmmm


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