Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rules on the wall...

 Sir had me write a rule on the ceiling. The owner of the room requested a rule on the ceiling.

Sir helped me stand on the bench to reach the ceiling. He whipped and caned me all the time I wrote. It takes longer with this delicious distraction. The marks appearing on my body excite Sir and the taps grow to hits. The sound of the bamboo on skin is intoxicating. He broke the torture by invading His cunt with His tongue. The pleasure inducing His girls eye to roll. Then the leather of the whip flays wrapping around my body while I try to script the chalk words on the ceiling. My hand shakes as I try to make it readable and coherent.

The more my rules appear on the walls and ceiling the more they are in my constant view. Snippets of slick cunts and presented breasts for His pleasure. The non negotiables are ever present in my vision and in my minds eye. I will learn my rules this way, word for word. I read the lines as the tortures continue. I admit to loving this. The omnipresence and omnipotence of the rules as the girl is worked upon.

Rule number 4 is on the ceiling.
I will be cuffed and chained for sleeping always. I will be ready for His pleasure always. Sleeping without restraints will be considered a reward to be decided at His discretion. This is NOT negotiable.


  1. loved the torture he put you through, i sleep with wrist cuffs each night...smiles


    1. This is one of my favourite activities, He seems to get such pleasure fro caning me and whippng me while I try to write His rules.
      I envy you blossom, sleeping each night with cuffs. I can't as i sleep each night with a man who is not my Sir

  2. You must have wonderful focus! At times my Husband will hurry me with paddle smacks or spank me as I complete a chore, but it makes me panic a bit and lose focus on what I am doing, very much. Have you had a lot of "practice" with this, or is there something that makes it easier? If so I would love to know :-)


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