Monday, June 30, 2014

firsts task (part two)

Pegs on breasts and fanny (pussy for the Americans amongst us) clipped on and pulled off at a rate of knots as I scream with an induced orgasm. Well Sir You know I don't like this one. This one makes me feel nauseous, the pain of it does. Sensitive breasts give way to the pain. I don't like the idea of how ridiculous I must look with pegs in rows on my breasts, my beautiful breasts.
The St. Andrew's Cross - strapped, chained, embracing the cool wooden restraint - I have always found the cross comforting. I like to be restrained and I like the flogging I receive here. This was the very first thing you did with me. Gentle flogging, too gentle to keep me engaged now Sir. You have drawn from me an endurance for much more severe treatment than that first day.
Orgasm control - love it and hate it. The more I come, the more I want. Denial works for me only to dampen my desire. Constant play is what makes me insatiable. So...I am not fond of denial for that reason. After a period of denial I lose my desire to play.
Mr Buzzy- the Hitachi magic wand - LOVE! nothing more to say.

Squirting - OH My! now you made me squirt and I was appalled. I am still not convinced of the nature of the juice! I felt so ashamed, embarrassed when You first brought me to this. Now I love it because I know You love it from me. It makes me feel completely under Your control and You know how I love Your control.
Letting go of my control, giving it to Sir - This is the center piece of why I do this. To give up. To give everything to Him. No responsibility but to use my safe word if I need to.
Butt plugged - oh the deliciousness of anal play - I am an anal princess, and anal slut, an anal whore. This makes me wet, instantly. It also creates an anxiety that my kinky self will be found out by those who don't shared the shiny world of kink.
Nipples clamped - ouch! and then...yummy Daddy! in the beginning my tender nipples could only tolerate a few short minutes. long you got? But stop pulling Pleeeease!

Face slapped - yum, yum always yum. You slapped my face and took my breath away and I remember looking back to You with a lustful smile in  my eyes. Instantly hot, instantly on heat, breath rapid.

Breast bondage - I like rope. The more I have, the more I want. I love the feel of rope and love to watch your large capable hand tying and knotting it with such confidence. My breasts standing proud, but again I am not fond of how silly I feel. I think it slightly humiliating.

Spreader bar - yes! spread and used, yes!

Anal licking (receiving)- Oh my! So naughty, so good.
Breasts flogged - not bad, but tender breasts mean I don't tolerate this on too hard a level. I like how my breasts bounce and sway with each strike. I love to tease You and push You to hit harder until I squeal.

Pussy flogged - Most recently experienced and I LOVE this.

Whipped - yes!

Gagged - I resisted this for so long and then one day I picked up the gag and begged you (probably demanded) You use it. It brings me instantly to smallness, to submission. I cannot look you in the eye when this gag is in my mouth. I am embarrassed by the look of it in my mouth through I am not sure I have ever seen it. I  love the gag. It immediately transports me to deep inside my submission.
Collared - I love this particularly when You hook Your finger through the O ring and pull and push Your girl for Your pleasure.
Breath play - oh My! Ultimate control..I am a control junky (Giving it up).
Choked - see breath play.

Anal with legs closed tight - see breath play.

Submissive in training....Training quiets my mind.

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