Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blog tour

The blog tour from Joolz. Thank you friend. I am revelling in her journey. She has journeyed from thoughtful and novice sub to new slave. She has come from her first Dom to her first Master. I enjoy her journey so much. I envy her freedom in making it happen. She has now found Graeme who has recently become Master to her. Her journey and submission develop and deepen to enviable proportions. Where I fail she succeeds. Good for her I say. Go and have a look over there. Fantastic read.

Now I think I am supposed to answer some questions about this blog. Ever self indulgent, here it goes.

What is behind this Blog Tour?It's pretty simple. Answer the 4 questions about yourself and post the answers on your blog page and then invite a few other bloggers that you admire to join in on the fun and include links to their blogs on their page.

What am i working on at the moment?
A thousand things but I suspect that this is a question about bdsm / ttwd. I almost think this would be better asked of my Daddy mentor and my Sir Local D. These two sometime seem to know me better than I do.

Right this minute I feel like I am trying to find my way back to my strength. My strength to submit. I have spun out of control. I asked for space but perhaps what I need is tighter ropes. Pull the knots tighter. I am very confused at the moment and I want desperately to be taken in hand and slapped out of my doldrums.

Why do i write what i do?
To sort through this journey. To tell someone. I have no friends to confide in. No like minded friends. This is a place to talk to my inner me and now as Daddy and Sir both read this they know what is happening inside me too.

This is less acceptable bdsm / ttwd than being gay I think. It's hidden, deep in the closet. There is a hint on my body. I wear a ring. A small collar with an O ring on my finger. It has attracted many admirers but only one person who 'knows' has ever let on that they know. Unfortunately she is a work colleague and we don't talk about it because of that sensitivity.

So I write a friend or 50:50!
How does the process work?
There is no process. I write and publish usually in the same sitting. It's about what I'm feeling. What events have passed me.

3 bloggers to invite along that i admire, read and identify personally with:
My problem has been I don't get a lot of time too surf around blogland..a quick trip in, a quick word or two and then I'm off to my next mission.
Well I have already said Joolz but she has done this
His slut is another but she has been invited by Joolz.
I love to read blossom over at beautiful submission, she has relatively recently become slave to William, a blogging friend who was there from the beginning when I started this journey. He loves to train his sexy slave. I encourage you all to visit their pages.
via my life as a submissive blogspot


  1. beautiful and I hope you traverse a path through your confusion soon ava x

  2. awe thank you little for the nomination...smiles suppose one better get their skates on and do likewise...smiles...

    1. You are most welcome blossom. All well deserved in my humble opinion.


  3. Thanks for the lovely words about me, us and my blog. So glad you are blogging more regularly again, even if it is part of a means for working through your confusion and anxieties. xx


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