Wednesday, May 7, 2014

rule # 2

I will strip naked of all my clothes when I come inside. I will stand with my hands behind my back so that my breasts are on display for Sir. I will stand with my legs slightly apart. My eyes will be cast down. I will stay like this so that Sir has access to my breasts and my slick cunt. I will stand like this and offer my body for His pleasure. This is for Hs pleasure always. This is Not negotiable.

photo _ Sir
Edit _ Little


  1. At weekday point will the owner allow you to turn the room into a "dungeon"? It may bring in more revenue. :)

    Personally, I think is awesome!! I bet the visitors are wishing the walls told more of the "story".

    1. Damn auto correct. At what point.....

    2. The room is a dungeon, decked out with chains, a St Andrew cross, whips and floggers etc. But I think it is a private place for friends of the owner. Maybe I should try to get a pic or two for you Hs.

  2. That's lovely. I have a similar rule I must follow in my house of being naked in the presence of Mistress (when there are no kids around) without having to be told, although I am not required to present unless told to do so.

    1. Thanks for your comment sub hub and welcome. please feel free to pop by and leave a comment anytime. Now I am off to introduce myself to your blog :)


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