Sunday, May 18, 2014

not about D/s, ttwd, DD or anything spicy...

....Just about me.

I think I'm needing time.
Time has always been my most precious asset, my most valued 'thing'.
I am a loner.
I love my family, my friends, all those people special in my life, but occasionally I need to pull back, to scale down, to retreat.
It usually happens to me (this feeling) when I have a lot on the go.
At these times I need to learn to say 'no'.

I seem to have a thousand domestic projects on the go.
Decluttering, scaling back but building at the same time.

I have finally embraced the knowledge that my future is my responsibility only.
I have never shirked responsibility and in fact, I have been responsible for the well-being of my family for a very long time now, but this is a knowledge that I am responsible for my family's future.
I have accepted that I am alone in my partnership with hubby and have tried to find my own happiness inside our unconventional relationship.
I am not wearing my heart on my sleeve, this is just how it is.
It is what it is.
My acceptance and indeed embracing of this fact has been a long time coming.


Working towards my future I have manage to increase my working hours after months of trying. I am looking to my financial security and I am looking to my creative security and contentedness.

Now I need some time, just to breathe. To pay attention to all this and for the waters to stop whirling around me.

I don't know where D/s fits into all this.

photographer unknown via blogland

Saturday, May 10, 2014

inside little

her need...
wet her lips,
savour her taste
let her sparkle,
her sex explores,
... ice.

artwork - little

His girl, sick girl

An unusual post...

I am sick, I feel like rubbish.
Can't get off the couch.
It's at these times when the reality of not being free to 'belong' entirely to Sir is highlighted.

He can advise from the other side of town. He can 'worry' about His girl, but He can't be here.

I tell Him I am glad He can't be here as I look outrageously atrocious and don't want to spoil the illusion!

He says, 'Stop it! Go to bed now please.'

I beg for a little more time, a favourite television program is on.

'Alright, but then straight off to bed.'

'Yes Sir, Thank you. x'

artist Gregory Hergert via Sarah's view Blog

Thursday, May 8, 2014

daddy, sir and girl

to dream a dream of Daddy and Sir....

photographer unknown
source: My wife - your Slut tumblr blog

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

rule # 2

I will strip naked of all my clothes when I come inside. I will stand with my hands behind my back so that my breasts are on display for Sir. I will stand with my legs slightly apart. My eyes will be cast down. I will stay like this so that Sir has access to my breasts and my slick cunt. I will stand like this and offer my body for His pleasure. This is for Hs pleasure always. This is Not negotiable.

photo _ Sir
Edit _ Little

on the wall

'Rule number two, take this chalk and write it on the wall'

He took up the cane in his red right hand. She faced the wall, red bottom, chalk poised. He began to tap, hit, and distract her with the sting of the cane. Buttocks, thighs, hips, back. He tapped the cane on her inside thigh, an instruction to part her legs. He caned her slickness. She was distracted and working hard to remember rule number two.

Tap tap tap tap thwack!

Tap tap tap tap tap sting!

The staccato of the cane's touch drew her thoughts away from the chalked wall to the sting of her skin.

She begged him to stop. 'I can't concentrate.' He didn't stop.

She made herself relax. The sting of the cane was relentless. She scribbled urgently.

'Make sure it's neat' he said, 'or you can rub it out and do it again.'

He continued to tap her skin, He continued to talk. Many words designed to distract her.

'Stop bleating on Sir! I can't concentrate!'

He stopped. His eyebrows raised. 'Perhaps you should stop for a while.'

'No Sir, I need to get this done!'


She stopped, chalk poised.

'Put your forehead on the wall.'

She did.

'Hands behind your back. Legs apart. Now stand there and reflect upon your task.'

She stood. After a time He moved behind her wrapping his fist in her long curls then swiftly and without warning His large rough hand connected with her arse repeating the severity of the stroke she had experienced earlier that day.

She squealed and grunted with the force of His hand.

'Now get on with it.'

'Y-yess Sir.'

photographer unknown

Friday, May 2, 2014

an email from Sir

Sir sent me an email after the last time we met. He has given me permission to post it here. I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

This was such a wonderful day for me, it didn't start on Monday but rather a long lead up to it which was a bit of a turn on for me as I know it was for you.
Now my girl has shown me another side to her, a side which I didn't think was there, well that's not correct, I did know it was there but not in the capacity she displayed. I was thinking she will get over it & we will move on. That didn't happen. No she had been neglected, abandoned, not cared for, no rules, no instructions. She was pouty, stamping her feet, making it known she was not amused and wanted retribution for my apparent lack of interest in her well-being.Well that's her explanation.
Now I have seen this before but this time was very different. This time was something more intense than I have seen from her in the past. She was demanding, very demanding, letting it be known what she wanted from me and how she wanted it. She insisted that I step up!!!  WHAT?? It was gorgeous. My defiant little girl was now dictating the terms. At least she thought she was.
If something is going to get me going it was this display from her. I could have said a lot of things but I thought,  just keep going honey that hole you're digging is quite large right now.
Monday came and as usual she was late, probably because she wanted to make a statement but late never the less, 8 minutes to be exact. When she was in the room I realised she was not going to be compliant in any way so I thought, OK let the games begin. She was ordered to strip naked and observe rule #2. She dug her heels in on this initially but a few sharp smacks on her behind convinced her otherwise.  
"Write rule #2 on the wall." I said, but her response was non-compliance. A few more HARD smacks convinced her she probably should do as I asked. During her task she was caned. The rule was written over 30 minutes giving her ample time for her to reflect on her situation.
She was testing me seeing if I could control her. In fact it would have been easy but that hole she dug needed to be filled over time, so no rush, lets see how she goes with this. The truth is I wanted it to be prolonged.
She was told to "bend over legs apart and spread your arse", I made her take her cold metal plug in one swift move. The squeal was all I needed to hear.
There was lots of pouting and non-compliance initially, but when I strung that delicious little slut up and whipped her, things began to change. She was starting to see that that hole she dug was quite deep. She was whipped all over, breasts, buttocks, thighs, back, nothing was missed. There was the beginning of tears, which I just love and when I said "You can use your words", I was promptly told to "Fuck Off!". This reaction from my girl made me instantly hard. The combination of the whipping her flesh and her continuous defiance did it for me.  
"OK" I said pulling her plug out and replacing it with her hook. Oh there was language, wriggling and the likes, but all of this is what drives me. She still had her follow-me, fuck-me heels on so I pulled that hook deep enough inside her so she was just fully stretched to stand. She was going to cum for me. She was going to cum very hard for me. She demanded her shoes be removed which I did because I knew what the consequences would be. She was going to make that hook bury itself deeper in her arse. There was screaming and wriggling and some tears were starting to appear, but the smart mouth kept going and so she was made to cum hard. In time, she was released only when I was satisfied she had done as I asked.
A good 2 hours had passed and when I restrained her to the bench I knew she was mine again.  She was my submissive girl. I used her hard on that bench. I used all of her holes in turn and she was made to cum over and over again. I was relentless with her. She was subjected to breath play while the magic wand savaged her slick cunt. She was made to squirt, which I adore. She became my dripping wet little slut and then...she was done, she was quiet, compliant and in her space. This is where I love her the most. I thought about leaving it at that but no, her arse was going to be used 2 more times today and there would be no protests about it from her, just the sounds of a happy girl.
She now has the consequences of her actions with which to deal. MARKS, bruises and her aching body. Oh well so be it, remember, be careful what you wish for honey. I had the best day with you, the best day, you were fantastic in every way and I need more of you just like that.
Your loving SIR. xxx
gert lorenz

Thursday, May 1, 2014

cold hard pleasure

'Bend over'

She did, her bottom red and stinging from the wallop she had just received.

'Separate your arse cheeks.'

He pushed the cold hard steel into her butt. She whimpered as it forced its way inside her.

Then as her tightness relinquished its resistance she felt that cool warm rush of the pleasure run through her cunt and the rush of slickness give way between her legs.

photographer unknown - via mastererotica60