Thursday, April 24, 2014

which rule to choose?

The room is booked for Monday.
He said he has plans.
I am to choose a rule to scribe on the wall of the room. The Owner of the room has taken small tours through to view rule number 5! (Well that just makes my little exhibitionist flutter).
I like rule number 2. My problem is He likes to move the goal posts and though He says I can choose a rule it won't surprise me if on Monday He makes the choice. Not so bad except I can't remember the rules...the intent and in principle, but not in detail or in their entirety.

Aside from this...
He has been away for an interminable period of time.
I need Him to be strict.
I need Him to be ruthless.
I need Him to be unforgiving, harsh.
I need Him to correct me, to punish me...mercilessly.

photographer unknown


  1. Part of me would get a thrill knowing rule #5 was viewed in such a way. Part of me would me horrified if I ever saw the owner face to face.

    Isn't fun, our Dom's always changing their minds. I like being kept on my toes, yet to relax them would be nice too.

    Can't wait to see the picture of the wall.

    Oh, love the pic choice. It's one of my fav positions.

    1. Hs I do feel a thrill that the Owner of the room keeps my rule in full view and takes friends to see it.
      I think the goal posts moving is half the fun now, i love to be kept on my toes, nervous about what might come next. It took me a long time to embrace the injustice of the moving goal post. I have an innate sense of natural justice. I am a rule follower and moving those goal posts was very unsettling in the beginning, Now I have come to expect the impermance of the goal posts. The only real given is obedience, submission and ownership by Him..and he doesn't share (that is very clear and unchanging...except where Daddy Dom Mentor is concerned I think).


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