Saturday, April 26, 2014

let me Dance with your Darkness

I have begged Him to be strict. Tonight online. 
It has been so long I feel unconstrained. 
I need restraint.
I have begged Him to allow me to 'dance with his darkness'.
I am very bratty right now. I need His control.
I will not be obedient if He does not take me in hand, I know it, I can feel it.
He doesn't deserve my obedience unless he takes me strictly in hand.
So much for submission!
Now I KNOW you won't like those sentiments Sirs'.
I am pleased that your hands are a long long way away as I write this.
He made me wear panties today and tonight I must wear pyjamas. WHAT??? I never wear pyjamas. I will be uncomfortable. He doesn't care. He wants me uncomfortable and wanting. NO touching.
Monday, I have begged for His hand, His strictness, badness, darkness.
I will not acquiesce easily, though He probably thinks I will.
The more I hold out, the meaner He will be.
This is what happens to me when He has been away for more than 2 months. The Bratty, li'l bitch emerges. She is pouty and cross that He has left me unsupervised for so long.
via stubborn sub at Tumblr - artist unknown


  1. I so could write this post at times. The longer away, the more unwound I become and feel that my need is xyz, and won't allow anything else. though, it always backfires on me and I'm left wanting what I truly needed to begin with - Him.

    1. Hs you are so very right, my actions are likely to backfire. I find myself however drowning in my own brattish behaviour..all I can see is Monday. There is no future or past. Just a longing and an incredible sense of being 'cross' that he has left his girl swimming against the tide. I have no doubt that he will make me take the right medicine on Monday.
      It quite funny, I am very reasonable and understanding for the interminable time he is away. I occupy myself, I stick to the rules, I am happy and compliant. When it draws near to the time he enters my life again..that is when i become impatient, annoyed that he has left me unrestrained...LOL..what a bratty sub girl.


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