Tuesday, April 29, 2014

eight minutes

She knocked on the door, red lips, eyes lined more heavily than usual. He pointed for her to go into the room. He was silent. She complied. He pulled out his watch and held it in front of her. It was eight minutes past the hour. Eight minutes past the time she was required in the room. Eight minutes after the time he had told her to arrive. Eight minutes after the time she assured him she would be in the room.

She did not offer a reason or an apology.

More for him to address, he thought.

'Do you remember rule number two?'


'Yes what?' He said as he held his girls' face firmly. A little too firmly, in fact. It was hurting, but she continued to look at him defiantly. He shook her face, his hand clasped firmly on her throat. He squeezed, ever more tightly, his huge hand around her neck. 'Yes WHAT?' he repeated.

She would give him this battle. 'Yes...Sir,' she said her eyes not leaving his.

'Then why are you still dressed?'

She looked at Him and shrugged her shoulders in silence.

He smiled into her eyes and chuckled. He would enjoy today. He would enjoy her defiance. He would enjoy implementing his rules and bringing his girl to heel today. It would not be challenge for him though he had never seen her quite like this before. He saw she meant business, that she meant it when she had told him he would need to bring her back to him. Subdue her, control her. He saw her brat in her full regalia and he would enjoy stripping her and bringing her to her knees.

'Get undressed.'

She slowly removed her top and skirt leaving her bra, high heeled shoes and...panties! He understood her motive in wearing the red bra and panties. He knew she meant to challenge him with her disobedience. She stood legs together, playing on the silver metal chain that ran taut from ceiling to floor. She toyed with it like a pole dancer on heat.

He finished what he was doing on his bench of toys and striking implements considering what he might use first. He walk to where she played defiantly and wrenched her bra clasps open letting the bra fall from her heavy breasts. He ripped her panties half way down and demanded 'Take them off''. His palm connected with her buttocks cheeks, one, two, three, four. She squealed with pain. He spanked her hard. He didn't pulled his strength and it hurt!

'Now how late were you today?'

'Eight minutes.' she replied unapologetic.

'Bend over and put your head on the chair.' He wrapped his fist in her hair and pushed her down hard. Her face to the chair. Her legs were apart. Her hand and elbows on the chair next to her.

His hand moved fast, hard and up. He connected with each buttock. One thwack!, two thump!, three clap! Each hit felt harder than the last. It was hurting like she never remembered it hurting. There had been no warm-up. Four thwack!, Five thwack, Six thwack! There was no soothing hand rubbing her arse between whacks, no tenderness of a spanking, just an assault on her bottom, reminding her that this was punishment and not play. Seven smack! Eight whack!.

He pulled her up, 'Now stand there, hands behind your back'. She stood as she was told. Her arse stung acutely. Suddenly he swung around to face her again, 'I told you to stand with your hands behind your back!

'I did!'

He moved towards her again. 'Bend over!'

'I didn't do anything!'

'Bend over!' He pushed her down again and began the assault on her bottom again.

'Noooooo!' she screamed, 'I didn't do anything, owwwwww!' She screamed and struggled at the injustice and the pain. He had never whacked her this hard. She felt the tears well up as she continued to protest. She couldn't remember how many she took, she just knew that he was giving her what she needed, and she was grateful for the pain and his attention.

photographer unknown


  1. Ooooo....that could have gone really bad. You played with fire! Glad you got what you needed.

    1. yes i did play with fire...and it did hurt, i still feel the hours a few days later. But I am ever so content now.



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